Pumpkin love

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Yesterday I willed myself off the couch so we could carve the pumpkins that had been sitting on our porch for two weeks.

Before I show you pictures I need to show you the video from last year that my mom made. I don’t remember if I ever posted it but it’s so funny. I love seeing Caleb mouth words to us like he’s talking. I forgot that he used to do that.  And Angel’s hair was so short!

Thankfully this year, he overcame his pumpkin phobia. (Kinda.)

We had lots of fun listening to both kids ooo and aah over all the slimy stuff they were pulling out of the pumpkins.

Not my best pumpkin pose moment.

Here’s a couple of videos…

We only carved faces in two of the pumpkins and the rest of the went in the trash. I KNOW! After an hour of pumpkin cleaning though, this sick mama would have agreed with just about anything in order to go back to bed.

And the best part – besides seeing my kiddos laugh and have so much fun – pumpkin seeds!


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