Day: November 6, 2011

Weekend wrap up

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I had to work this weekend but we still managed to jam pack it full of fun!

Pat scored free tickets to our town’s hockey team Friday night. Ya for free family night!  Well it wasn’t entirely free because we did break down and get something to drink and popcorn.  The kids thought the entire night was the best thing ever. 

Unfortunately our team was shut out and by the end of the 3rd quarther someone was ready to go home!

Saturday morning we let Daddy sleep in a bit and had some fun cuddling on the couch watching cartoons.  Daddy had declared a few days ago that he was going to give the dogs a bath on Saturday. In my house. In my tub. Deep breath.  Perhaps that was why I let him sleep in?

Allie was first. She loves water and jumped right in the tub! The kids thought this was all the greatest thing ever and were eager to help.  Allie just relaxed  in the tub enjoying being pampered.

And then there was Ed. Ed is a big fat chicken. He hates water. Is petrified of it. He won’t even walk through a puddle. Supposedly he’s a black labrador/husky but I have my doubts.

Ed also happens to be about 100 pounds. So getting a 100 pound petrified dog into our tub turned out to be quite a challenge.

HAHA. Even though my bathroom was a complete disaster it was worth it to see Pat wrestling with the Ed dog!  And he did eventually get him in the tub!

I guess the rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful compared to the excitement of the hockey game and dog baths.

I worked Saturday night. We got an extra hour of sleep.  It was Pat’s weekend to run the projector at church so he was there all three services. The kids went to Sunday school and nursery at 9:30 and I went to church. We did a quick run to the store for a few necessities. Ate lunch. Read books. Had a quick nap. I went back to work. Daddy and the kids came and had supper with me.

The next few weeks will be a little unusual as I’m working 3 out of 4 weekends in November so I don’t have many shifts during the week. It should be a good unusual though!