I need a to do list for my to do list

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The list, it is out of control.

It’s a good feeling though. I know what the alternative is. Cooped up in the house. No projects. Not being used.  I’ve been in that place for quite awhile and finally seem to be coming out of the fog.  Which means God is also giving me the strength and courage to start saying yes again.  It’s quite the balancing act this mom, wife, follower of Christ, friend thing.

Today is stay home and clean the house day. And set up Caleb’s train village so he can destroy it three minutes later. It’s a paint Angel’s fingernails day. And maybe, just maybe get all the laundry done washed and dried.  We’ll shoot for laundry put away another day.  Angel has dance at 5:30 and then mama’s heading out with the girls for some great fellowship and conversation. I promise the chips and salsa has nothing to do with the fact that I’m so excited.

Oh ya. I just remembered. I also have to work on memorizing my lines for some skits I’m in for Advent. Call the other actors to remind them of practice. Still need to find one more actor.  I also need to email moms from Angel’s class about their Harvest party and start planning details for that. Find my paper bag and breath in to it.


Angel school at 9:00 am.  Make the weekly decision of what to do for two hours: go home, run errands, go to the library (my poor children). Meeting with moms at 11:00. Pick up Angel at 11:30 am. Almost speed over to Gma’s to drop them off.  Go to work – get flu shot before 12:30 pm. Benefits meeting at 12:30 pm. Staff meeting at 1:30 pm. Depending on how long my meeting goes drive over to DMV to get my license renewed.  Seven days and counting til I have to take the test. Praying I have all the correct documents.


Nothing. What? That can’t be right.

No it’s not.  Play with the kids. Go to the library for story time.  Finish up the backyard clean up before the snow flies. I wonder what the weather’s going to be like? Memorize lines for skit. Skit practice at 7:30 pm.


Angel school at 9:00 am.  Make the weekly decision of what to do for two hours: go home, run errands, go to the library (my poor children). Pick up Angel at 11:30 am.  Almost speed over to Gma’s to drop them off. Attend work centennial party from 12:00-2:30 pm.  Attend Angel’s conferences at 3:00 pm. If didn’t have time on Tuesday to get license renewed do that now.  Possibly do a little Christmas shopping. On second thought we have no money so walk around store and make list in head for Christmas. Run? Maybe? Meet friend Liz for supper.

Other items on to do list:

Pray. Have quiet time.

Work on details for couple’s retreat. Pray some more about starting up a couple’s study in January.

Finishing cleaning, sorting and organizing new office (kids’ old room).

Finish up cleaning out old toys, clothes and other stuff. Make trip to Goodwill.

Craft time. Caring for others time. Outdoor adventures time. Cooking fun time.

Slow down and savor each moment.

Enjoy putting the kids to bed every night this week. Enjoy time with hubby after kids are in bed every night this week.

Sleep. Sleep is good.

But not yet. Too much to do!


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