What’s wrong with a fifteen year old in a car seat and other nonsense

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~Angel graduated to a booster seat after her 3rd birthday – the ones with the back and head support – but it stressed me out so bad that we put her back in the regular “baby” car seat. I hated that she could almost wiggle herself out of the seatbelt and when she fell asleep she didn’t have as much support so always slumped forward.

Well just last week we graduated them both to that same car seat. Even though they are both tall enough and heavy enough it’s about enough to send me to panic land every time we go somewhere. Angel is alot better with sitting up. But Caleb? Not so much.

And then last week he actually had the audacity (is that the right word?) to unbuckle the seatbelt while we were driving. Thankfully Daddy was driving so I turned into Mom Incredible and within 1.4 seconds  had it buckled again.  He’s such a stinker. Even after he got quite a tongue lashing he will still act like he’s going to unbuckle it. So back into the “baby” car seat we go until he can obey. Would it be a problem for him to be in a car seat when he’s 15? 

~Last week a friend of mine asked if Angel could come over to play with a friend of hers. Estee is kinda like her first real kindred spirit buddy friend. They go to school together and we are actually pretty close neighbors but until this Fall we didn’t really set up any play time.  Estee’s mom called after a few hours and asked if Angel could stay longer.  Gulp. Um, ok. Except that means she’s growing up too fast and has no problem spending an entire day away from her mama.  (Cue tears from emotional overprotective mom.)

On the other hand I have to wonder if my friend didn’t set up the play date because she knew this was a really crazy week for me and having one less child for a few hours is, well like having one less child and Bubs and I not only had some great playtime but we did the dishes together and I also got all the laundry PUT AWAY.  Estee and I both have a good friend!

~I love pears.  I don’t know why but we don’t usually buy pears. They were on sale last week though so we had pears at every meal I think. Yum.

~The kids got their school pictures back. Cutest. things. ever.  Except their mom ordered the wrong pose and so it’s landscape instead of portrait and so basically all you can see is their head.  For some reason we did get a few of Angel in a portrait pose but I had to reorder their 8×10 in portrait.  

(Sorry. Blurry. Taken with my phone.)

~I offered to help my brother with a big dinner he was having for his cross-country team on Friday.  Which meant the kids were recruited to help!  Being just 4 and almost 3, it’s often times more work for them to help out. But not when making potato salad.  They are pros at cutting up the potatoes for me (with a butter knife!). Especially Angel. She has such an attention to detail (perfectionist like her mama?) and cuts those potatoes pretty much all the same size! 

~Can you say sassy?

~How about classy?

It was “hat day” at school last week and this is the hat Angel chose.  Originally it was a clown wig but I guess she decided to go the sensible route.

~Have you heard of Sam-E? I read this blog post and this blog post about it. Velly velly interesting.

~Is watching the Twilight movies causing me to talk like a vampire? No.  That’s just me being normal.  Or not normal. Whatever.

~And speaking of horrible cheesy movies, guess who’s watching the Twilight movies with me?  That’s right. My amazing husband. He actually offered to watch it the other night – on a work night for him no less. And he stayed awake through the entire teen love fest. I’m pretty sure I dozed off a few times but not my stellar husband.

~You: how’s the gluten-free thing going? 

Me: what gluten-free thing?

Actually I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon. The last few days I’ve just had NO desire to eat any sort of salad. And that’s kind of a problem. Give me a clearance priced bag of Skittles and I’m as happy as a clam. But salad? Not so much.

Last night we had dinner with my parents for my birthday and I had a salad, chicken breast, broccoli and asparagus. Pretty yummy. But then I was going to be a gluten rebel and eat the garlic bread.  Only they didn’t bring us the bread. When my mom asked about it the server said that they were having problems with it cooking correctly.  And so we never did get our bread.   I know, so sad.

~In honor of all the car seat talk. This makes me laugh til I cry.  And just for the record I never feel this way (not).  


~And in regards to the “nonsense” reference in the title… I’m thinking about going back to school. To get my nursing degree.  I think that’s enough nonsense for one day. I’ll fill you in more later.


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