38 things to do on your birthday

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1. Pick a completely random number for your list of things to do on your birthday. Ahem.

2. Wake up at 6:00 am and realize your kiddos slept in their beds the entire night for the first time almost ever. (Except for the 3 am wake up call from the 4-year old but she went right back to bed so it doesn’t count.)

3. Cuddle with the hubby. Realize you forgot it was your birthday until he says happy birthday.

4. Get served breakfast in bed and receive cards from everyone in the family.

5. Almost cry when reading 4-year old’s card – Why I love my mommy.

6. Realize God’s answer was “NO” when you prayed about sleeping in and so get out of bed to help the kids get breakfast.

7. Share your omelette with the 4-year old.

8. Receive texts from sister-in-law, sister and brother at 7:00 am saying happy birthday. Can’t anyone let a birthday girl sleep? (Just kidding. See #6.)

9. Cuddle on the couch with kids and watch cartoons.

10. Get everyone dressed and ready and decide to go visit the Butterfly House.

11. Throw 2-year old’s sheets and blankets in the washer and attempt to clean mattress. Say a prayer of thanks that 2-year old stays dry most nights.

12. Arrive at Butterfly House and realize you have the place to yourselves!

13. Arrive just in time to see some of the fish get fed.

14. Watch as the eel is fed and almost eats the puffer fish he shares a tank with.

15. Laugh until you cry. 

16. Scold (in fun) fish feeders for scarring the children for life.

17. Go see the butterflies and realize that no matter how often you go it never gets old.

18. Enjoy watching the kids watch the butterflies.

19. Convince kids to take a group shot.

20. Wonder why 4-year old is making such a weird face.

21. Make it out of the Butterfly House alive and for the most part everyone is happy.

22. Receive text from mom at 11:14 am:  It’s 11:14 am! 38 years ago at the time my life was amazingly blessed!! Love you! Happy birthday!

23. Thankful for all the years that your mom and dad have either texted, called or showed up at 11:14 am to say happy birthday.

24. Decide to go have a birthday lunch at CiCi’s pizza.

25. Text  your husband and invite him along.

26. Fall off the gluten-free wagon.

27. Wonder why no one ever wants to sit next to you.

28. Regret falling off the gluten-free wagon.

29. Stop at K-Mart.  4-year old calls it “K-Mart Smart.”

30. Laugh at 4-year old.

31. Love seeing and hearing kids’ excitement as you walk through the toy aisles.

32. Say, “Maybe for Christmas” about a hundred times even when you know they won’t get it for Christmas because your Christmas shopping (or lack-there-of) is done!

33. Take kids to Grandma’s house.

34. Stop at coffee shop to upload pictures and videos for blog. Don’t buy anything and hope that’s not against the law. 

35. Check Facebook and read birthday messages. Try not to cry because you always cry at everything.

36. Run 3 miles. The non gluten-free lunch an hour earlier is causing you to feel like you ran 30 miles.

37. Get ready for work and go to work. Thankful for amazing co-workers and a great job.

38. Say a prayer of thanks for an amazingly blessed year.


2 thoughts on “38 things to do on your birthday

    Leana Hellman said:
    November 14, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Hope u had a great day! So much fun to read ur blog before going to bed! Next year I will text u @ 5am…mmm….haha!

      Missy responded:
      November 15, 2011 at 12:00 am

      LOL! I’ll have to remember to turn my phone off! 🙂

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