You know you’re having fun when you start belting out Grease 2 songs

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I worked the day shift this weekend and on my lunch break on Saturday I got a text from my mom saying that she missed us, i.e., the grandkids, and wanted to know if we could meet them half way for supper.

I texted back and said we have no money.

She texted back and said the night will be on them to celebrate my birthday.

And before you know we’re loaded in the car and on the road.

We met at Ruby Tuesday for supper. Yum.  After supper we had talked about going roller skating but for the sake of our lives, we decided to go bowling. The kids had never been bowling and we knew it was going to be a blast.

On the way to the bowling alley I couldn’t help but start singing the bowling song from Grease 2.

What? You don’t remember it?

(Young children please turn away.)

Seriously. Best movie ever.  I used to think it was the best movie ever.  I obviously wasn’t thinking.

Well, after recovering from the shock of seeing mama go all Grease 2 on them, Caleb starting singing a song to the same tune. Except the words were, “We gonna see Papa (clap clap).”  Ha!

When we got to the bowling alley Grama and Papa got out a gift for each of the kids. Do you remember this post about the state fair?

Well the kiddos are now in calf ropin’ heaven!

I could seriously look at this picture ALL. DAY. LONG. I absolutely love the look on their faces.

And here they are roping Grandma Susie!

After a few more lasso attempts we headed inside to start bowling.

I knew they had bumpers for the little kids but I didn’t realize they also had the contraption thing that helps them actually bowl. At first I didn’t think it would be as fun but then Caleb started wanting to bowl without it.  I seriously could have watched the entire Grease 2 movie for how long it took for his ball to get down to the pins. And then one time it didn’t make it and the bowling alley guy had to retrieve it and he might have glared at us a little.

Here are some pictures of our bowling fun:

Angel girl all ready to go. She was SO excited!

How is it that he looks so big!

Love bowling shoes. Especially kiddo size 10 bowling shoes!

After awhile he needed to start putting his fingers in the holes.

Waiting patiently.

Caleb finally figured out that the grown ups weren’t using the same bowling contraption that they were and wanted to do it by himself. Holy moly.

Spoiled by Grandma! (Kiddos usually don’t get to drink pop.)

Overall we the kids had a blast.  The adults?  Well, sure it was fun to watch the kids and hang out together.  The bowling wasn’t so much fun. Perhaps because we are the worst bowlers in the history of the world.

Kids scores:

And Caleb’s actually ended up being 84 after his last turn.

Adult scores:

The only reason my score is the highest is because Angel bowled two rounds for me. Seriously.

Here are a few videos.

Caleb’s victory dance. How sweet is this…

Angel winning! Every time she’d get a strike or a spare she’d say, “I WON AGAIN!”…

Angel’s victory dance….

Loser mama bowling….

The next morning at precisely 7:20 am the lasso party continued.

What a great night we had!  Thanks mom and dad for the fun night and next time we’re going roller skating!


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