Perhaps it was the flour that made my hair look gray

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~We were supposed to take a road trip to see my sister this morning and tomorrow but unfortunately the weather was bad and then Caleb got sick and then I threw my back out and then my parents decided not to go and so we decided to reschedule.  This made me so sad, not only because I was looking forward to seeing my sister but I was also looking forward to eating the best salad in the world.  My sister is now managing the restaurant that she used to own with her ex-husband (long story) and they have amazing food. But most amazing is their salad with ranch dressing. I have no idea why it’s so amazing, it just is.

~I’ve been in extreme pain since yesterday (Saturday) morning. Physical pain from throwing my back out and emotional pain because how in the world can I be a nurse when I can’t even walk. I know I just need to do a better job of doing my PT exercises and even after doing them yesterday and today it’s a little better tonight. Hopefully a trip to the chiropractor tomorrow will make a world of difference.

~I probably have about 86 pictures of this same shot but I just can’t help myself.

~This was the same day, probably our last nice day of the season last week and we spent an afternoon at the zoo.

~Caleb decided to read a story to Peanut today.

~I have a problem with the flour. I don’t think it likes me. I think it realizes that I’ve been trying to avoid eating it lately. Sometime last week we decided to actually use the 4 over-ripe bananas sitting on the counter instead of just throwing them away. We decided to make banana chocolate chip muffins.  Everything went great until I started putting away everything.

Not a big deal, right? A little flour won’t kill anyone.

Somehow I managed to dump the entire canister on top of Angel and the stool and counter.  Unfortunately mama didn’t handle it very well and freaked out just a bit.  I guess no one every taught me not to cry over spilled flour.

~On Thursday last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with some co-workers. Every month we have a birthday lunch to celebrate with those who are having a birthday that month.  I love these ladies so much (and all the others who couldn’t make it)!!

~I walked into the room the other day to see the kiddos resting.

~My brother is the track and cross country coach for Augustana College. His women’s team won the National Championship this weekend and his men’s team got 6th place. I’m so proud of my little brother! He is such a great coach and it’s so exciting to see them win the national championship!

~Hubby has the day off work tomorrow and I’m excited to hopefully get a few things crossed off the honey-do list.  I’m pretty sure he is SO excited about that too.

~In a very tragic completely unimportant development, I’ve discovered my first gray hair. I actually saw it on my birthday. Of course. Thankfully I have my amazing daughter who is much better example to me than I am to her.  I said under my breath how bad my hair looked and unfortunately she heard me.  But then she said, “Mama, you’re hair looks beautiful.”  I kissed her and told her that I thought she was beautiful.  Gray hair or not, I’m so blessed!


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