You know it’s thanksgiving when you’re eating cheesecake at 9am

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(Thanksgiving 2011, part 1)

I’m still coming out of the turkey, sweet potato and non-bread stuffing coma that I’ve been in the past few days.

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. I ended up having to work Wednesday night shift, Friday day shift, Saturday 1:30-10 pm and Sunday night shift. But that was ok. I’m thankful for my job!

My family all came on Thursday to our house (except my sister who couldn’t make it). We had a real busy week and I had some wacko thing going on with my back and so when I went to work Wednesday night at 4 pm I still hadn’t cleaned the house or made any of the food like I’d hoped to make.

Take note friends. I didn’t super clean my house this year even though we hosted not one but two Thanksgiving meals. In fact on Friday when I got off work I went into the kids’ bathroom to find towels and kids’ clothes all over the floor. Not only did I not care, but I just left them there and went and ate my turkey.  It’s not that I don’t care anymore. I think I’m maybe chilling out just a bit and hopefully it’s true that no one will really notice anyway.

So Thursday morning I was up early to get cooking. And of course the kids were up early too but unfortunately I couldn’t think of anything for them to help me with so they watched a few extra cartoons.  I tried having them help me peel potatoes with two of my really dull peelers but they couldn’t do it.  After I got all the potatoes peeled and cut I had them put them into the bowl and since we made about 8 lbs of potatoes that kept them busy for awhile.

One piece in the bowl. One piece in their mouth.

That was really hard work and so at about 9:00 am we had a snack break and sampled Daddy’s cheesecake.  He was busy making the pumpkin pie and cheesecake for me. Yum.  After dessert Pat also made the sweet potatoes. I don’t know if it’s because he’s so sweet or what, but man does he make good sweet potatoes.  Perhaps it’s the pound of brown sugar and 4 cups of marshmellows melted all together?

After cheesecake and Angry Birds I sent the kiddos and Pat on their way – to clean the bathroom – so I could finish up what was left.  My parents got to the house about noon and my brother and sister-in-law about one.  I wasn’t sure what time everyone was arriving and so I thought we’d eat at three.

I also wasn’t sure how to cook the bird. I think this might have been the first time I’d cooked a turkey all by my lonesome. Thank goodness for the world wide web. Although by the time I read 184 ways to brine and cook the turkey I might have been a little confused.  I settled on this brine idea and Pioneer Women’s instructions for cooking the bird.  The other dilemna was that we only had a 12 lb turkey and PW’s instructions was for a 20 lb.  Unfortunately I guessed wrong and put it in the oven a little too late.

While we waited for Mr birdy to get done Angel enjoyed the company of my brother and sister-in-law. Leana painted Angel’s nails and then they spent the next hour or so trying to convince Jim to let them paint his nails. Party pooper wouldn’t let them!

Mom played a game of cards with the kids. Caleb pouted because he didn’t want to pick a card. And then pouted again when he didn’t win.

Enjoying pop in fancy glasses.

Notice the paper plates and plastic ware. Did I mention I chilled out a little this Thanksgiving? In the past this would greatly bother me.

Caleb and Papa hanging out. Papa stealing a plate of his German potato salad.

Me and my girl.

At about 2:00 I took out the turkey for a little butter basting and I realized my pan had a hole in the bottom as juices were spilling out all over. Nice. Pat had went running (UH?) and my mom and dad were at the store. Thankfully my brother Jim came to the rescue and we found another pan to put under the turkey.  Serves me right for buying my turkey pan at the dollar store.

When I checked the temperature at 2:00 it was only at 120. Ooops. I guess we weren’t going to eat at 3:00. I cranked it up to 375 (per PW) and it didn’t take quite as long as I thought. We were ready to eat by 3:30!

I also have to tell you about my gluten free stuffing. I wasn’t going to make anything special gluten free but then I got an email from Wheat Belly with some recipes and the stuffing sounded so good. I couldn’t find all the ingredients at Wally World at one in the morning the day before Thanksgiving and so I modified it a bit.

Here’s the recipe I received in my email from the Wheat Belly blog.  I modified it in that I couldn’t find porcini mushrooms so I just used regular portebellas and button mushrooms. I also couldn’t find the roasted red peppers so I used a little extra green pepper. And Wally World didn’t have any of seasonings so I think I just randomly picked some that sounded good.

It turned out really yummy and I’m sorry I don’t have a picture. You’ll just have to trust me.

Princess and Prankster joined us around 4:00 pm just in time for dessert and a early birthday party for Princess since we won’t be able to be with her on her birthday coming up in a few weeks.

Unfortunately my brothers had to leave right after we ate and my parents left around 6:00 pm.  But not before my parents took a ride on my brother’s motorcycle.

Once everyone left I had really wanted to go the Muppets movie but no one was really up for it and so we, along with the majority of the population, collapsed in a thanksgiving food induced coma.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

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