Of more turkey and lights

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(Thanksgiving 2011, part 2)

On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Pat’s family.

I had the pleasure of working at 8:00 am and Pat had the pleasure of taking care of the kids, cleaning up the house and getting food ready.  Some days I really love my job!

Pat’s mom did most of the cooking though and as soon as I walked in the door a little before 5:00 pm they were all seated at the table and ready to eat!

After the meal and before dessert we decided to go on a walk around the block. Angel thought this was the coolest thing ever. I guess it served its purpose because when we got back everyone had room to have dessert!

Our town has a parade of lights every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. So our plan was to relax a little after eating and then go down to the parade.  Since it was so nice out the parade was packed but we managed to find a good parking spot and then a good spot to watch the parade.

Except for the two shorties who still couldn’t see and so for most of the parade they ended up having a pretty good view.

Here’s a group shot.

The kiddos might have been having a blast…

Two of our nieces and I had discussed kidnapping Princess and taking her to the Breaking Dawn movie after the parade. But she was a party pooper and didn’t want to go. Although I guess telling her about our plans defeats the whole purpose of kidnapping!  Oh well, it was probably a smarter idea to go home and go to bed. Which is exactly what we did!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and every day we give thanks to God for His abundant blessings and for providing all we need!

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