Outside my own little world

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Edited to add: I just read this amazing post. What timing. Love it. Not sure how much we’ll do but it certainly tugs at my heart.

More than anything, I want to pass down to our kids a tradition of caring and compassion.  As decorations go up and we talk about Christmas presents the kids get so excited. Angel said to me the other day,

“Mom how much longer until Christmas?”

I said, “It’s still a few more days away.”

She said, “I’ve been waiting for Christmas my whole life!”

The waiting is so hard and the anticipation so great.  But how do we teach them that it’s not about ourselves? How do we help them understand the needs of others? And that we are so abundantly blessed.

We do, or attempt to do, an Advent Calendar. It’s a little wooden thing and for each day we open the door. Last year I picked up a bunch of little things that fit into the boxes and they are things that can direct us to Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.   I read this blog post the other day though and I love the idea of including service projects or special family activities. So I think we are going to add a few things from this list.

Do you remember when I posted about our weekly schedule? Ya know when you laughed at me for being so ridiculously type A?  Well surprisingly we’ve kept up with our schedule. A little bit. Most weeks. We haven’t really worried about what day we do our project but just try to get them done each week. Especially the “caring for others”.  I know that I can’t magically make my kids want to care for others. But I believe the if Pat and I live it out in our day to day lives, they will see not only the importance of caring for others, but also the blessing that’s received.  Unfortunately most days we fail miserable and all our kiddos see and learn from is selfish parents.

I sometimes wonder if it’s good or right to want to do more and give more around Christmas time. It’s natural of course, as we celebrate the gift, the gift of Jesus, that was given for us.  But when we understand the magnitude of the gift of Jesus, how much more should we want to give ourselves away the entire year.  Look outside ourselves. Set aside our selfish desires. All year long. Not just 30 or 45 days during the holidays.

Easier said than done, right? Life is crazy and hectic. But let us not forget. Let us share the love of Jesus. Give sacrificially. Care expectantly.  Let us look outside our own little world.


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