Weekend wrap up

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This last weekend was a very full weekend. Full of fun. Full of food. Full of family.  Did I mention full of food?

My parents came for the weekend and it was so fun having them here.  Friday night they came to attend a recognition program for my brother’s cross-country team. The kids and I went along and enjoyed watching his school’s boy’s basketball team play. Caleb thought it was pretty neat.  We left after the program because my dad had to drive 2 hours to go home that night because he had to work on Saturday. But we did have time to stop by Cherry Berry. Priorities, right?

Saturday morning we slept in a little and then made a “fancy” breakfast for my mom. We made gluten/egg free pancakes, sausage and omelets. It was yum! The pancakes actually tasted pretty good. I used the gluten-free Bisquick and then flax meal as a substitute for egg.  We had gotten a little lax with Caleb and him eating egg but we’re back now to being strict about it as he’s been breaking out more and I’m afraid he’s going to get scars on his legs.

After breakfast we all got ready and went out to do a little shopping. For lunch we tried a new place in our town called Thatzza Pizza. Blah. It was ok but it wasn’t anything special. I had a wedding at 3:00 pm and so we stopped at home after lunch so I could get ready and then headed out again. Mom and the kids were going to go to the movie Smurfs while I was at the wedding.

The wedding was alot of fun and so beautiful. Nicole is a friend of Princess’s and I’m friends with Nicole’s parents. I sat with Princess, her friends Meghan and Callie and Princess’s mom. Oh my word, we laughed so hard at the reception. I think it was Meghan and Callie talking about childbirth and weddings and lingerie and cleavage. Or maybe not.

Thank the Good Lord our table was one of the first to be excused to get our food because Angel and I had to be at her Christmas program practice at 5:30. Which meant I had to run home to pick her up, change clothes and then drive across town. We got our food about 5:00, I scarfed it down and was on the road to pick up Angel by 5:15.   We got home about 7:30 pm, but of course went through the drive through of Burger King and ordered five Hershey Pies. Yum.

The rest of the evening was spent in sweats, sweatshirts and bowls of popcorn in hand. Finally, nothing to do but veg. And watch about 43 episodes of some pig cartoon on Grandma’s computer. Thankfully it was Angel and Caleb watching the pig and not me.

My dad was back in town Sunday morning and after church we went out to Royal Fork for a belated anniversary celebration for my parents. Except that my stinker of a dad paid for our meal. Kinda defeats the whole, “we want to take you out for your anniversary,” idea.  Angel’s Christmas program was at 3:00  and so we had a little extra time after we ate to walk over to the mall.

Angel’s Christmas program was so sweet. I almost cried, I can’t believe she’s already in her first Christmas program. She did such a great job.  Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the big kids program because my parents had to get on the road for home.

Here are a few pictures of our sweet girl and also the video for those diehard Angel fans. 🙂

But first, my 2-year old playing Angry Birds before the program. Or wait. Maybe that’s Fruit Ninja. I have no idea and don’t get me started about 2-year old knowing more about technology than his mother.

Here she is. What a sweet smile!

Oh come let us adore Him!

My Angel girl…

When we got home from the program Caleb and Daddy fell asleep and Angel and I watched Good Luck Charlie.  Sunday evening was very nice as we had planned to do absolutely nothing. The kids played, read books and watched a little tv. I worked on the budget and did the menu. We had leftovers for supper and then our absolutely nothing got tossed out the window when we decided to go look at the Christmas lights at the Falls.

We called Grandma Barb and picked her up on the way.  It was so pretty and the kids loved it.  I decided to also try to get our grocery shopping done since we were out and about. Unfortunately the kids decided to get their second wind and their mama had left her patience at home. It was not a fun experience.

On the way out of the grocery store I stopped at Starbucks and got a double chocolate chip frap (stressed anyone?) and the children cried the whole way home because they couldn’t have a drink (it was too late and just because).  I was feeling like major mom fail because I had given Caleb a swat on the behind at the grocery store and I was just waiting for Dr Phil to pop out from behind the chips.  We got home and told the kids they needed to go straight to bed, I put away groceries, Daddy attempted to get the kids settled. I eventually made my way down to give hugs and kisses (even though Caleb had come up no less than 6 times to give me, “just one more itty bitty kiss?”).

I laid with Angel and explained that Peanut was going to have to leave us the next day and go live with someone else.  (Not because she was naughty. We had decided this earlier in the evening. More on that later.) Mom fail take two. Perhaps when a child is tired and cranky and tired is not the time to tell her that you are taking away her best friend in the entire world.  Que major meltdown and uncontrollable sobbing. We agreed to think about it a little more and eventually everyone settled down.

And finally the very full weekend was over. And the very tired parents went to bed.


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