Project Runway here I come!

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Alternate title: Like she really needs another hobby.

My darling husband and my amazing parents got me this for my birthday:

Can I get a WOO HOO!??!

My stepdaughter Princess and her mom have inspired me with all of their sewing creations and even though I don’t really have a clue about how to sew I’ve been mentioning for a while that it would be nice to have a sewing machine.

Pat’s been saving up but he wanted to wait to get one that was a little better quality. Me, being the impatient one, was fine with the $49.99 version. Thankfully my husband is much wiser than I am. My parents gave me money for my birthday and so that allowed us to take the plunge and get the sewing machine.

I used the dvd and actually got it all set up by myself (with Angel and Caleb’s “help”). The first thing I sewed was our couch cushion. It had ripped apart at the zipper a few days before we got the machine. What timing!  Although it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to pick as my first project.  Especially since I didn’t have any pins – forgot to buy some on our sewing supply shopping trip.

But it didn’t go too badly.



Ya! So fun!

All these memories came flooding back of sewing with my mom and grandma. I can’t remember what or when we sewed but later on I asked my mom about it and she said she did used to sew a little bit.

I purchased material to make a skirt for me, a Christmas gift for Princess and a dress for Angel. I don’t really know how to work with patterns so that will be an interesting experience! I’m hoping to find a basic sewing class to take.  Since I don’t really have time to take a class right now, I’ll just find some really cheap material to practice with.

In the meantime I made two little Barbie doll skirts for Angel. And Pat suggested I sew our curtains together. Huh? When I bought our curtains I measured wrong and got the wrong width. So for our big living room window we’ve had four curtain panels. Not a big deal but it’s kind of a pain when we close the curtains. So I sewed the panels together so now we have two curtains instead of four!

Edited to add: My birthday was almost a month ago. I wrote this post a few weeks ago. Haven’t touched the thing until today. We actually had an entire day at home with nothing really planned.  I totally winged it and made a skirt for myself. But I can’t show you a picture because it’s a little hideous.  Although I managed to make it the right size and from afar it doesn’t look too bad.  But I chose the wrong material and so I might redo it into doll clothes!

Probably the best part of this whole thing?

My kiddos’ chairs right next to mine.

(The white chair being Grandma Barb’s from when she was little. Even cooler!)

Angel and Caleb love to watch and I’ve let them help a bit. They push the button that lowers the needle and Angel cuts the thread when we’re done sewing.  Today, with close supervision, they helped with taking out pins. I’m so excited to eventually teach them how to sew and make their own special creations while we make special memories!


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