A look at things super

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Super mom.

Super wife.

Super bathroom cleaner.

Super supper maker.

Super friend.

Super church member.

Super daughter.

Super sister.

Super laundry doer.

Super toys picker upper.

Super employee.

Super budget keeper.

Super craft and treat maker.

Super dish washer.

Super Christian.

None of these supers describe me and I’m tired of trying to attain super status. Because it’s not going to happen. 

Now these supers, these describe me well:

Super sinner.

Super mess maker.

Super forgetter.

Super couch layer.

Super shopper.

Super chip eater.

Super hot chocolate sipper.

Super sleeper.

Super movie watcher.

Super gift buyer.

Super dog hair hater.

Super soda drinker.

Super irrational emotional.

Super blog reader.

Super popcorn maker.

Super back rubber.

Super Barbie player.

Super off-key loud singer.

With time I’m realizing that for the most part, as much as I want to be super mom and super wife and super everything, I’m super at things that aren’t so super. 

But my Savior, He is always super. And He tells me I’m super forgiven. 

Without Jesus, I would be nothing. Super nothing.

And it’s through His grace and strength that I’m able to do anything remotely super.

Anyone else feeling not so super? You are not alone.

Join me in giving Him the praise today. And every day. For helping us be super in the things that matter. And for the grace to help us through when we’re super at nothing.


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    sue hellman said:
    December 9, 2011 at 4:47 pm


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