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(A really long post that’s more for my benefit so don’t feel bad if you have no interest in reading.)

Every time I do an update on the kids I forget something. And it’s usually the basic things that we do everyday like brushing teeth or what size clothes they are in. So I thought I’d do an update that goes through a “normal” day.

By 5 am, if not earlier, Angel usually finds her way into our bed.  Caleb for the most part sleeps in his bed until about 6:30 am.  He comes running up the stairs and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Me want bekfest.” And then we usually say, “Ok. You need to go potty Caleb.” And he says, “NNOOO. ME WANT BEKFAST.”

Seriously how can that boy hold if for 10-12 hours during the night but during the day he has to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes? I don’t get it.

Anyway, Mommy is usually still in bed at 6:30 am and so Daddy takes care of getting Caleb breakfast.  For Caleb breakfast is usually Frosted Mini Wheats but sometimes he’ll eat Special K.

Daddy usually wakes up Mommy around 7:00 am and asks if Mommy needs to take a shower. Mommy usually growls and pulls herself out of bed.  Angel also wakes up sometime around 7:00 or 7:30 am.

Angel needs to wake up a little before having breakfast and her breakfast choices are a little more varied. Her choices are usually eggs, oatmeal, Frosted Mini Wheats, Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which we only buy when Mommy’s feeling extra nice) or Rice Krispies.

Daddy leaves the house by 7:15 or 7:30 am and 3.4 seconds after he’s out the door we change the channel to cartoons. The kids finish up breakfast, Caleb usually has a second helping and Mommy eats breakfast (lately oatmeal or eggs) and has her devotion/blogging/facebook time while the kids watch cartoons.  Angel and Caleb cuddle up on the couch and watch cartoons, Caleb always asking to help cover him up.

School days the tv goes off at 7:30 am but on non-school days I usually let them watch til 8:30 am because Super Why is on at 8:00 am and it’s actually a really good show that helps them learn their letters.  But 8:30 am is the latest we’ll watch cartoons.

Unless Mommy is really tired or sick and then we’ll put in a movie. But don’t tell anyone about that.

We have school days on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and so on those days we scramble to get dressed, have our devotions, brush teeth and get out the door by 8:40 pm.

Our devotions are still going really well. Every once in awhile we’ll miss it but most mornings I remember. It helps to keep their book in the middle of the table. We use this devotion book for songs and prayers and the kids love it. We have another devotion book we use too but I can’t think of the name of it. It’s really nice though because the devos are perfectly short for toddlers. We’ve also been trying to memorize a verse every week but again, not consistent from week to week.

Teeth brushing could seriously cause me to take a flying leap off a cliff. Am I the only mommy in the world that feels this way? Hello?

Caleb actually does a really good job. Well he doesn’t actually brush his teeth, he asks me to do it every morning and frankly that’s fine with me because then I know it’s getting them brushed good. He’ll do it himself some days but most days he wants me to do it.

Angel. My precious Angel. When she was two, she loved to brush her teeth and I would smile with pride at my wonderful little girl who was so sweet.  Someone obviously wanted to take me down a notch because for the past 2 years it’s been nothing but drama and more drama when we have to brush our teeth.

I’ve tried everything. The timer (which usually works for anything), bribing, threatening, you name it.  I know I need to pick my battles but teeth brushing is not one of them. Our family has had nightmarish teeth experiences and we had a wacko for a dentist when we were little and I do not want my kids to have to go through that – if I can help prevent some of it.  I think I maybe need to try the timer again because that did seem to work some of the time.  (After writing this last week I’ve went back to the timer and Angel has been doing a little better! Ya! She doesn’t brush as good as I’d like but we are making progress.) Unfortunately I think alot of it is just her personality and how God made her. She HATES the feeling of the toothbrush and paste in her mouth.  So I don’t know. I’m hoping and praying it’s a phase (jeez, certainly a long phase) and maybe we’re getting to the end of it.

After teeth we deal with the hair. Angel’s hair is so so fine. On mornings when they don’t take a shower – more on that later – I usually try to wet it down, which she hates.  She also hates me combing it but what 4 year old girl doesn’t? She’s started liking loving having bows and clips in it and putting it in pony tails. So stinkin’ cute!  She’ll run out and say to Caleb, or Daddy if he’s home, “Do you like my hair?” Caleb will usually say, “Oh. Wow. Nice.”  HA! Too funny!

My kiddos love to take showers. From the time they were real little I’d stick them in the shower with me, well because, it was usually the only time I could get a shower.  A few months ago I thought I’d try letting them take a shower without me and it was fabulous. Not one cup of water was thrown out of the tub. (Mommy is not a fun mommy when it comes to bath time.)  Often times we’ll opt for a shower because not only do they make such a mess when they take a bath but they’ve been fighting alot more in the bath and so we’ve started doing separate baths. It’s much more peaceful but it obviously takes twice as long.  We’re getting close to that age where we’re going to have to do showers separately too but for now they are working out well.

Neither one of the kids are interested in picking out their clothes. I’m not sure why Angel isn’t, because she does love to wear dresses and is always commenting on how pretty her clothes are.  But for now I’m usually the one that picks out their clothes. Lately I’ve been making them put their socks and shoes on and for the post part they do a really good job. Not ties yet, need to start working on that with Angel! Caleb is wearing size 2T but lately we’ve been slowly moving to some 3T stuff. Angel is in some 4T but moving more towards 5T. Caleb is kind of a shorty so his pants are never too short but it seems like every time we buy Angel pants a week later they are too short. Last time I picked some up I got all 5T so hopefully that’ll last us awhile.

By 8:40 am we’re out the door on our way to school.  I’d love to say that most mornings we are all happy and skipping on our way to the van, but hey, let’s be real. I’d say it’s 50/50 depending on how much sleep we all got the night before and how much patience Mommy is having that day.

Most of the time, when one of the kids is at school, the other kid and I run errands, go the library, go to the play area the mall (or park when it was warm) or do grocery shopping.  It does feel like we’re always on the go but I figure we are already out and about we might as well get some stuff done. And the library, play area or park are always fun spots for the kids.

On non-school days we usually just have alot of reading time, play time, cleaning time, laundry time and sometimes a movie time.

After school we usually go home and have lunch.  (Unless Mommy is feeling lazy and we go to McD’s or Pizza Ranch.) Lunch is usually sandwiches (PB&J or turkey or ham), Mac-n-Cheese, plain noodles, or leftovers.  We’ve been also working hard at making sure we have fruit and veggies for every meal.  Not always succeeding but trying nonetheless. After lunch most days it’s reading time and that lasts about 3.4 minutes. Well it depends on the day I guess. Some days they do better than others. 

Angel has been mostly nap free for over a year. Every once in awhile she’ll still nap but then it’s a nightmare getting her to go to bed at night. I think Caleb is finally transitioning out of naps. I was hoping it’d last til he was like five. Lately he’s been skipping it all together and not even falling asleep at 5pm. But it’s probably 50/50. Yesterday he took a really good 2-hour nap.  But I think his consistent 2-hour naps aren’t going to be around for much longer.

The afternoons are different every day depending on if I work, if we have other errands to run, if they need to nap/rest and how Mommy is feeling. Some days we’ll do our project (caring for others, cooking fun, etc). Some days we’ll just play. Some days we’ll watch an obscene amount of Dora and Diego.

Every day at 4pm (on days I don’t work) we watch the Kratts brothers. We being Caleb and Angel. This is one of Caleb’s favorite things in the whole world. And it gives me a good 30 minutes to do a little clean up and get supper started or at least decide what to make if I haven’t yet.

Some nights the kids help with supper and some nights they are good about playing. I recently got our office cleaned and organized and so they can now reach all our board games. This is great because it keeps them busy for hours. This is not great because the office looks like a tornado went through there. Oh well.

Daddy is usually home for sure by 6pm and that’s about what time we eat. After supper we clean up and either play, watch tv, or head out for whatever we have planned for the night.

Depending on how long it’s been, we might do baths and/or showers in the evening. If that’s the case we start that by 8:00 pm, otherwise we start getting ready for bed around 8:30 pm.  I guess the kids get a snack before we start getting ready for bed, so that’s around 7:30 or 8:00 pm.  After we wrestle the kids into pj’s and make them use the bathroom a couple of times we let them pick out one or two books to read. Sometimes we all read together, sometimes we read 1-1. Kinda depends on how the night goes. After prayers, kisses, hugs, backrubs and snuggles we say goodnight. They usually come out a couple of times for “just one more kiss”. And it’s usually 9:00 or 9:30 pm by the time they fall asleep.

Seriously reading through this has exhausted me. No wonder not long after the kids are asleep we fall into bed. Just in time for it to start all over again.


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