Reindeer games

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Nothing too exciting happened this year when we put up our Christmas decorations. Just the usual fighting, scolding, crying, dogs hiding and of course little boys removing their pants. Jeez.

Angel did decide that the reindeer needed to make an appearance.

Nothing says Christmas like Monday Night Football!

Definitely the cutest reindeer of all!

I think Caleb took this picture. Not bad!

(Me thinks someone needs bifocals!)

“Hey Mama, quit taking my picture!”

Yes, there was even a little sharing and cooperation going on. Christmas miracles!

Poor Allie dog. She hasn’t been feeling good lately. And the loud children really freak her out.

Another one of the Daddy. We’re making progress!

My sweet girl.

My sweet girl with a crazy face! With her no pants brother. Showing this year’s ornaments. Angel received a ballerina and Caleb received a Diego guy.

And our family ornament for 2011. A cupcake. Mmmm. It’s official now. We’ll remember 2011 as the year of the cupcake cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.


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