Party like you’re a three year old and have lots of energy. And then get sick.

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Whew. What a long exhausting great birthday weekend!

I had to work Saturday and Sunday night so we went out for Caleb’s birthday on Friday night. Anyone want to guess where he wanted to go?

That’s right. The Pizza Ranch. Blah. While I love me a good ol’ food coma I need a break from the ranch. We’ve been visiting a little too often lately. But it was his birthday and so he got to pick. We also went to the one with the bouncy house, playland and arcade games. So Patrick and I got our fix from the arcade games. I won’t mention that I won the jackpot on one of the games after Pat tried for like ever.

We racked up over 900 tickets and went home with a stomach ache and lots of junky plastic toys that I’ll get annoyed with and throw in the garbage in a few days.  Happy birthday!

Saturday was Caleb’s actual birthday and we had wanted to do something fun.  That something fun turned out to be staying in our pj’s until noon, playing games, watching movies and enjoying a fantastic lunch made by daddy.  We then managed to get ourselves dressed and drove a few blocks over to Cherry Berry for dessert. We had originally thought about going to the Butterfly House or a demonstration of model trains that was open but we ended up heading back home and taking a nap.

We did let him open his birthday present from us on Saturday. Pat had made up his mind to get Caleb a robot. I’m glad he did because Caleb loves it so much. It was funny when he was opening his present, he was so shy about it.

The kids always seem to pick Sundays to sleep in. Which is great. Except we usually count on them waking up at their normal time and so we don’t set alarms. So unfortunately we missed church.  The kids also picked Saturday night to wet the beds – Angel in ours and Caleb in his. So in addition to waking up late and having a mile long list of things to do for Caleb’s birthday party we also had lots of laundry to get through.

At 11:00 am we drove across town to go to my cousin’s kid’s birthday party. It was at a family fun center in our town and was a great time. We had never been there before but will definitely go again. There was bouncy houses and obstacles courses plus lots of arcade games. At 1:00 pm I drug the kids out of there kicking and screaming because I was hoping Caleb could get a nap in before his party and because I still had that mile long list of things to do.  At about 2:30 pm he finally did fall asleep and the party started around 4:30 pm.

I always get nervous with their parties at our house because we don’t have a ton of room. But even though we were a little cramped it was so much fun. My cousins, their kids and my aunt were able to come and it’s always great spending time with them.  After a light meal we had cake. Since Caleb is allergic to egg we decided to make an ice cream cake. I was going to buy one but then figured I could make one just as easy.  Well it wasn’t as easy and it certainly didn’t turn out as nice, but it was just fine. And the kids thought it was pretty awesome helping me. Pat also helped, he did all the decorating since I can’t do anything artsy to save my life.

Sunday morning as I was running around crazy cleaning up I went to throw away four very ripe bananas in the garbage. I KNOW! Thankfully I had second thoughts and decided to make up some banana muffins. I recently discovered a great substitute for egg – flax meal – and used that. They turned out great. Pat then made some red frosting to go with our cowboy theme.  So we had the ice cream cake and the muffins.

Here’s a few pictures of Caleb with his cake.  Of course I forgot to get a picture of me and Pat with him.

(Reenacted picture of him blowing out his candles. I missed the real one.)

Caleb then opened presents. He is so blessed and received some great new toys.  He did a good job of saying thank you to everyone too, I was so proud of him.  And then we took our traditional birthday pictures with everyone who was able to make it.

Papa and Grandma Susie (my parents)…

Grandma Barb, Aunt Vickie and cousins Stephy and Krissy. Angel decided that she needed to be in the pictures too…

Uncle Paul (Pat’s brother), Aunt Marlene, cousins Amanda, Erica, Jiwoo and second cousin Emma…

Pastor Kirk and Gloria…

My best bud Liz…

Uncle Tracy (my brother)… When Tracy left he told Caleb happy birthday and Caleb yelled back to him, “Happy birthday to you too!” So funny.

My aunt Joanne, cousins Jessi and Sarah and all their kiddos…

And last minute we remembered to take a picture with our birthday boy!

By about 7:00 pm everyone had left and we had a little bit of time to enjoy Caleb’s new toys.  At 8:00 pm I had to leave for work. I was scheduled to work at 4:00 pm but a co-worker picked up a few hours for me so I could be home for Caleb’s party.  I was so tired but I was looking forward to going to work for a little bit because I could finally sit down.

I got home about 12:45 am and was welcomed home by two kiddos in our bed. As I was getting ready for bed I noticed Caleb making weird noises. I thought he was dreaming or something. I went over to him and he was burning up and the noises was him weezing. I brought Angel back to her bed and then when I laid in bed Caleb rolled over and coughed and oh my word. Bad croupy cough. I ran a hot shower and we sat in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. It seemed to help a little but ten minutes later he was weezing again and acting like he couldn’t breathe.  He had RSV when he was one and so he gets respiratory stuff pretty easily. With his difficulty breathing we decided it was best to take him in so in the ER we went.  He got a steroid treatment and we were home at about 3:00 am. They didn’t send a neb home because he seemed to be doing alot better by the end of our visit.

Today now he sounds horrible but he’s definitely feeling a lot better. Hopefully he’s able to get some sleep. Considering he didn’t have a nap today (hello? don’t you remember we didn’t sleep last night Bubba?) I would hope he’d sleep good. I suppose just depends how his breathing and cough go.

It was a very busy, fun, interesting weekend. Lots of memories made. Most of all we are just so thankful for our miracle boy!


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