Month: January 2012

The things they say and do

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Sunday night I had to work and about 9:30 I called home to visit with Patrick and see how the kids were.  He shared with me that he heard Angel and Caleb talking…

Angel: I’ll be the princess and you be the prince.

Caleb. No! I’ll be the princess and you be the prince.


We were playing with puzzles and Angel was working on an alphabet one. She got all of the letters done and realized we were missing the letter X. I told her that we lost that letter and she kept asking me to help her find it. I kept telling her that I was sorry but that we had lost it and that it was gone.

She was beginning to get exasperated with me and said, “Mom, it has to be here somewhere, it doesn’t have legs.”


If my children walk up to you, stick their behind out and say “sshhhh”, they are just pretending to be skunks and you just got sprayed.

(Lord have mercy.)


After scolding Caleb about something he said, “Mama, I’m going to go live with Grama.”

I asked him why. He said, “Because you yell at me all the time.”

(Hopefully that’s not really true, but it certainly made me stop in my tracks and every time now that I start to raise my voice I think about what he said. Can’t be having my 3-year old move out on us already!)


Both kids, but especially Caleb, is obsessed with my anatomy books. We found a kid’s encyclopedia at the library on the human body and it’s his favorite book. He calls it “the bone book” and we have to read it about ten times a day. He likes to repeat the stories of when Daddy hurt his knee and hurt his back and broke his collarbone.  


We had to switch ballet classes because of my school schedule and so now we go on Saturdays instead of Mondays. This also means that Angel has a new teacher. Ms Megan is pretty awesome but after three weeks Angel is still having a hard time with not having Ms Amanda as her teacher. She said to me last Friday night when I reminded her we had dance the next day, “But mom, I really think Ms Amanda wants me to go to her Monday class.”


Caleb is all about stealing food lately. Not only during the day but in the middle of the night he’ll wake up and help himself to “crunchy thingies.” (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) We’ll find them all crunched up in his bed (or our bed) the next morning.  He’s also started pushing one of the stools up to the counter, climbing up and helping himself to food that’s in the high cupboards.


I was having a crabby moment (or two) as we were running around trying to get out of the house so I wasn’t late for class.  The kids were waiting in the garage and I came out to hear them singing, “If you’re happy and you know it…” at the top of the their lungs.  As I buckled them in the car they continued to sing and as they lifted their hands in the air and yelled, “SAY AMEN!”, I couldn’t help but thank Jesus for these amazing little blessings He’s given me!

What weekend?

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I love working on the weekends because it means I get to be home with my babies during the week. I don’t love working on the weekends because the time goes so fast and I miss my family.

So not much for a weekend wrap up this weekend. But lucky you I’m going to find other stuff to talk about. Ha!

Date night Friday night. Grama Barb is a rock star. Movie and popcorn. Regardless of how unromantic my favorite date ever is going to a movie. Angel dance on Saturday. Cleaning. Resting. Studying. Work. Church on Sunday. Not home til 3:00. Kids sleep. Daddy sleeps. Mommy off to work. Studying.

Mommy tired.

Oh well, it’s a new week and being at church was such an encouragement. I love our couple’s Bible study we are a part of.  This week the guys and ladies split up. I love those ladies so much. They encourage and challenge me to be a better wife and mom. And being able to cry and just be real is so refreshing. If we are anything at church, we should be able to be real, right?

I have my first Anatomy exam tomorrow. Yikes. The hardest part so far of going back to school has been learning how to study. When I was in college before I was a major crammer and so it’s nice actually learning something this time around. But it’s also harder and more time-consuming. But so far I don’t feel like it’s taken up tons of time away from my family so that’s good.  My online English class is going really well. I really like it and so far it hasn’t really been that difficult. I’ve been able to stay at least a week ahead and want to try to continue that so I can devote more time to Anatomy.

If you happen to read this before 1:00 on Monday would you say a prayer for me that God would give me good recall?

This week will be another busy week but hopefully good busy.

I work again tomorrow night. Sigh. Love my job but three in a row about kills me, especially when a certain little girl doesn’t sleep at night.  Today a friend gave us an idea for helping with that. She suggested we run a fan in Angel’s room and that the noise from the fan is calming and drowns out all the other noises. So we’ll see how that goes tonight!

Angel is star of the week at school so we have to find pictures and will also probably bring treats. 

On Friday last week I went to a chiropractor a friend has been encouraging me to go see and I had a bunch of x-rays done. Tuesday we go back and hear what they can do for me and my pain and how much it’ll cost. I’m also going to bite the bullet finally and call a new family practice doctor and make an appointment to get a second opinion. (Do you even know what I’m talking about? Have I mentioned my back/leg/arm/headache issues? Well maybe another time. You’re welcome.)

Grama Barb’s birthday is on Wednesday so we’re going to go out for lunch.  Then Wednesday night is church. Again, we’ve been so blessed as we’ve started attending Wednesday night activities. Both kids are going and they love it. And Pat and I are going to the adult group. We are going through Francis Chan’s book Unforgotten God. So good.

I don’t work again until the weekend and I work the day shift both days, which is a little tougher on Daddy and the kids. The good thing is I won’t feel like I have to study as much during the week since I usually have slow time during my shift.

And then of course Sunday is the Super Bowl. Pat’s team is the Patriots. I asked him if he wanted to have people over. He said, “Do you remember the last time we had people over for the Super Bowl? The Patriots played the Giants. And the Giants won. And everyone cheered for the Giants.” (Ryan Chase I think he was talking about you. Along with the entire youth group.)  He didn’t say it very nice either. And so I said, “Wasn’t that like 5 years ago? Are you still bitter?” And he said, “YES!”

SO. We are not going to have people over for the Super Bowl. Unless I can convince him that no one who comes over will cheer for the Giants.  But regardless please pray with me that the Patriots win. K. Thanks.

And have a great week!

Let’s unload the pictures from my phone

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Hang on to your hats, it’s been awhile.

During Advent I was a part of a drama team for Advent services. I was the Angel. We were a nativity scene that came to life. A couple of times I had to hold my arms like that for at least 5 minutes. Ow.

One day a few weeks ago I decided to get ambitious and have a science day.  First we made towers using play dough, spaghetti noodles and Cheerios. Angel loved this project. Caleb thought it was ok but it didn’t keep his attention as good.

After play dough towers, we got real sciency and made some different mixtures using water, oil and salt. Oh ya, food coloring too. Just a little bit of a mess. But the kids loved it.

I think this was a day my Bubba was sick. Unfortunately he’s had alot of those days lately.

Building lego houses.

My love.

Our craft this week was lame kinda simple.  We are going to spend a day with my sister in the middle of February. Originally I wanted to make a fancy string thing that showed the numbers and then each day we take off a number to reveal how many days left until we see Aunt Nellie. Well that didn’t work so well and so we ended up with a hanging thing and then each day the kids pull off the number. I guess they still like it and they got to cut which they absolutely love so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Bubba’s finger at the doctor.

The day before my school started we celebrated this new adventure by having a triple chocolate meltdown at Apple Bee’s. Love.

Caleb with his best bud Spiderman.

Ed. This is how he sits most every day all day long.

“Make believe day” at Angel’s school. She dressed up as Rapunzel and of course Caleb had to dress up too. Doesn’t he look tall in this picture!?

Me and Pat on a date, eating at a salad place. You can’t really see it but I have brown sauce coming out of my mouth.  The honeymoon’s over folks.

Angel getting her first, but not really, haircut. It’s her first haircut at an actual hair salon. I’ve trimmed her hair a little before so I guess it really doesn’t count as a first first haircut.  But she loved it and sat so nice.

What Caleb would do all day long if we let him. Play angry birds on Pat’s ipod.

A new coat Angel got for her birthday. (This was taken in October!) It’s a little big but will be perfect this spring.  My little cutie pie.

Caleb is happy if… he has a snack, a drink and is watching a movie. (Maybe a little too much like his mama.)

Angel is all about talking on the phone lately. Most of the time she talks to Nellie. And talks and talks.

After talking on the “phone” to Nellie, she then likes to write her name. Over and over.

The kiddos usually don’t want to pick out their own clothes. And it’s a good thing, because this is what Caleb would look like if he did.  Ok, I guess he’s pretty cute.

My two favorite girls… Angel and Princess.  (We miss her so much!)

Angel’s first craft of the new year. Perfect!

The one where I take back my words

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An update.

Do you remember awhile back when I said, “While I have some issues to deal with, I know I’m not depressed and so I know there are other things out there (the Lord, friends, family, counseling, better eating, exercise) to help me through.”


Good, because I didn’t really mean it.

Well ok, I did mean it at the time.  And I still believe there are “other things” out there to help me.  But I have a tendency to get excited about things after trying it for like 4.6 seconds and at the time I was feeling pretty good (possibly because my brain had leveled out since being on my happy pills. duh.) and so I might have been a wee bit premature in declaring all health and happiness.

Here’s the truth of the matter. I don’t know if I’m dealing with depression.  But I do know that after going off my happy pills I was heading down that slippery slope again of being in a really dark place.

Yes, eating gluten-free has helped me feel better. And I’m still gluten-free about 80% of the time and when I don’t eat gluten-free I feel like crud.  Yes, I’m exercising regularly. Yes, I tried other “remedies” like the Sam-E (made me sick) and other natural things.  Yes, I was consistent in having quiet time every morning.  Yes, I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to “fix” me.

But even with the gluten-free and other things there was still no consistency to my state of emotions.  So when I weaned myself off my medication I’d have a good week and then I’d have a bad week. I’d have a good day and then I’d have a bad day. Slowly I started turning back into that person who snapped way too often at her kids for no good reason, was crabby more than I was happy, was angry at anything and everything, and had more ups and downs in my emotions than I care to even talk about. Snap, snap, snap.  And with what seemed like no control over any of it. Ug.

So despite that fact that I don’t like being on an anti-depressant and many people view it negatively, I started taking it again in November. Through this whole process God has helped me be ok with being on them and stop caring about what anyone might think. What I care about is being able to take care of my kids. Being able to smile at them and laugh with them, to kiss and hug them. Being able to be a wife who encourages and supports her husband.  And I’ve finally, FINALLY, come to peace that God is using this little pill to bring healing.

If you’re going through some of the same struggles I just want to encourage you that you are not alone.  And I’m so thankful, that no matter what, whether I need that pill or not, that this is true.

For today I’m going to keep reminding myself that sometimes life is hard but God is good. A bad day isn’t a failed day or a failed life. The past doesn’t define me. Jesus is Savior and He is my Hope and Joy.  God has called me, prepared me, allowed me, blessed me and equipped me to be a mom.  He has. And I’m starting to believe it.  And I’ll continue to remind myself that each day is a gift that I don’t want to waste.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal.  Isaiah 26:3-4″

(From Chaos Theory post.)