A yummy disaster

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The day before Christmas Eve the kids and I finally did some Christmas baking. I didn’t want to go too crazy because the last thing I need is more calories. But we figured we needed to make a few tasty treats.

First we made peanut butter star cookies.  Caleb was so excited because we made them without egg (flax meal as a substitute) so he could have some.  After I mixed the dough and rolled it into balls they rolled the balls in the sugar and put them on the pan.

Angel did pretty good with giving the cookies a little space to cook.

Caleb not so much. He was too busy being tempted by the sugar on his fingers.

For the life of me, I cannot find the recipe but they turned out really good. I can’t believe what a great substitute flax meal is for egg. (On the back of the box it’ll tell you how to use it instead of egg.)

After that we made almond bark pretzels.  Otherwise known as the messiest thing I could have possibly chosen to make.  At first they were helping me dip the pretzels in the melted almond bark but that was too messy a little too hard for them.  So then I decided to just go ahead and give the kids full reign of the sprinkles. And I thought the almond bark was messy.

Sprinkles. Every. Where.

The kids had a blast and despite the state of my kitchen when we were done I would call our Christmas baking day a huge success!


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