Christmas with Pat’s family

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I loved having Christmas on a weekend this year because it seemed like there were less conflicts with family get togethers.  We had Pat’s family over on Friday night, Saturday night was just our immediate family (with my parents and friend Liz as special guests) and then my family on Monday at my parent’s house.

We kept it pretty casual for Pat’s family which was really nice.  Unfortunately Princess and Prankster couldn’t make it but everyone else was there which was great!  Grama Barb put together a meat and cheese tray and she made her famous chicken and dumpling soup. We also had some fruit and of course Christmas goodies.

After we ate we decorated Christmas cookies!

We don’t do gifts except for the little kids. So we let them open their presents.

Caleb loves super heros!

Cousin Emma with her Aunt Amanda.

Angel and Caleb opening their gift from Emma. Sequence for Kids game. They love it!

Angel opening present from Grama. Each of the kids got a blanket and stuffed animal. They love their blankets and have to have them in bed with them.

Then we did something different this year. We exchanged white elephant gifts.  So much fun.  Here is Krissy opening her gift, jumper cables.

Jessi with an artichoke picture.

And Pat, displaying once again why he is the world’s best husband, stole this awesome bag (for his wife).

The whole group of us.


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