That’s what Papa does

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A few days after Caleb’s birthday I found him with a toothpick/candle in his mouth.

I told him that we don’t put toothpicks in our mouth like that.

He said, “That’s what Papa does.”

And in other news…

~One week until I start school. Just a tad bit nervous. But I’m more excited I think. It’s been so long that I just have no idea what to expect. And I guess that’s ok.

~Caleb has bronchitis. We were in the ER two weeks ago with a croupy cough and he was having trouble breathing. Since then he’s had a horrible cough and can’t sleep too well because he can’t breath when he lays down. Blood work yesterday showed an infection so we got antibiotics and hopefully that’ll help. We also got a prescription for a neb in case we need it. Doctor said it’s possible he has RSV too but was leaning towards bronchitis.

~We took our Christmas decorations down today. So sad. I love having my house decorated during Christmas. Probably because the rest of the year I have next to nothing as far as decor goes. Angel asked me, “Is Christmas over?” And then I failed miserably at trying to explain that we celebrate Jesus birthday all year long but we only have decorations during December.

~We’re not done with Christmas around here though. I still need to post about our immediate family’s Christmas and my family’s Christmas and show you the awesome (or not) pictures we took. And then we had a New Year’s Eve party and I need to show you those pictures. Although it’s mostly just the girls whooping up on the guys during games.  I should probably be nice to the guys and not show you. (Or not.)

~Have I mentioned that I love kale? Have I mentioned that it’s a super food? Don’t let it scare you. A few recipes I’ve used it in lately…

Turkey and rice soup… chopped up leftover turkey from Christmas (don’t worry it was in the freezer!), brown rice, chicken broth, carrots, celery, garlic, and of course kale!  Yum!

Lasagna… I’ve been wanting to try this recipe and so I had goat cheese and ricotta cheese in the fridge. I used gluten-free noodles (couldn’t tell the difference) and the sauce was ground turkey, spaghetti sauce, onions and mushrooms. The cheese mixture was goat cheese, ricotta cheese, a little bit of cottage cheese, and chopped up kale.  (We don’t use egg in our lasagna of course and it turns out just fine). I also used colby jack cheese on each layer. It was very cheesy and the boys loved it. I thought it was ok but the goat cheese was a little too tangy for me. Angel didn’t like it at first but then we had it for lunch the next day and she ate some and said she like it.

~Less than a month to decide if we’re going to run the Twin Cities marathon in October. Registration is the first week of February and it fills up pretty fast. Pat is all revved up to go. I’m a little hesitant because I work that same weekend so would have to find someone to switch with me. I don’t think that would be a problem though. I think my biggest concern is that I’ll be going to school too.  I was thinking I would record my notes and then listen while I run. So it’d be just like studying. Right?

~I often read this blog and on her last post she said this,

“There’s a lot going on all around me right now – too much to get real serious in this post. But I want you to know that Jesus is my life, my hope, my reason. He is who makes this family’s life abundant. I’m so thankful that He came into this world to be God with us.”

This really resonated with me.  While I always try to be completely real on my blog, it’s of course only a glimpse into my life. There’s alot more in my life, in the life of my family and friends that causes me to fall on my knees and often weighs heavy on my heart.  I’m so thankful that Jesus is my life, my hope, my reason. I pray He is yours too.


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