Nothing more romantic than 10 adults and 15 kids to ring in the new year!

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December 31st was our 9th wedding anniversary. It was also New Year’s Eve. In case you didn’t know.  We decided that this year we would forgo the disaster of last year’s anniversary and have a little partay. A family party at that.

Five couples and their kiddos were able to make it. We sent the kids downstairs and the adults visited and mingled upstairs. Eventually we got to the good part – the food! Wow! What a spread! Everyone brought one, two or three things to share and it turned out that no one doubled up on what they brought. So we had alot of amazing snacks to feast on all night.

Our first game of the evening was called the suitcase game. Except we didn’t use suitcases, we used laundry baskets. We played guys against girls and it’s like a relay race. The first person goes and has to put on everything (correctly) that’s in the basket. And then take everything off and go tag the next person.

Of course the girls won.  And it was complete coincidence that the guys had a size zero sweater vest in their basket. Really.

Here’s part of the group before the race starts.  We gave everyone the chance to give us a little money in exchange for not posting their pictures. But they thought we were kidding.

After that it was more food and visiting and then we played a game called Battle of the Sexes.

Let’s just say the guys didn’t have a good night.

Here they are all happy before we started playing.

Or maybe it was the princess tiaras that were making them so happy?

Well anyway, here they are after the girls whooped up on them.

Dave, ready to go postal.

Looks like Pat might have already went postal.

But ya can’t blame them. The girls did beat them pretty bad.

Everyone made it til midnight. Except Bubba. He made it until about 11:50!

But then we called all the other kids upstairs and brought out the blow horns.  Worst decision of the night. Oh my word, it was so loud. And Bubba woke up just in time for the new year.

Despite the loud chaos we managed to get a group shot.

No children were harmed in the taking of this picture. Actually, I take that back. I think there were some children harmed, unintentionally of course.

What a great evening!  We couldn’t think of a better way to spend our 9th wedding anniversary.

Ok, maybe we could. But this would definitely be towards the top of the list!


One thought on “Nothing more romantic than 10 adults and 15 kids to ring in the new year!

    Erika said:
    January 6, 2012 at 8:58 am

    Loved this – wish we could have made it! I would have loved to beat Sherwin in the suitcase game 🙂 Loved the “But they thought we were kidding” line – haha! Great idea – great people – great post. Thanks!

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