Made to crave. And we’re not talking about twinkies.

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I’m coming up for an Anatomy class/studying breather and I thought I’d blog a little.

But before I do that I have to tell you that today I learned how labor contractions are an example of a positive feedback mechanism and I know now exactly how and why I had contractions for 3 days. I almost raised my hand and asked why my positive feedback mechanism was so slow but I didn’t.


A few weeks ago I purchased a new devotional called Made to Crave Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst. It’s based off of her book, Made to Crave, which I haven’t read yet.  This devo. Oh my word. Fabulous.

I think y’all know about my struggles with weight loss and exercise and, um possibly a little bit with food. Ok, alot of struggles with food. Last year when I finally lost weight and got down to a healthy weight alot of it was because I addressed some of the food addiction issues I have.  Unfortunately the holidays came and I kinda threw everything I learned out the window.  After the holidays I got back on track as far as exercise goes, but unfortunately still haven’t done as well as far as the food goes.  Now this year, with the holidays come and gone once again, I really want to find a consistent healthy balance of the food choices I’m making.

Most of the time? Most of the time, I make good choices. We eat healthy and limit the bad stuff.  But all those other times. When I’m stressed or mad or sad or tired. Those times are usually when I make very bad food choices.  Instead of dealing with those feelings. Instead of talking about things with my husband. Instead of going to the Lord when I need filled up. I go to food.  The most frustrating thing is that I know I’m doing it too.

But thankfully this devotional has really helped direct me back to a better focus.  I already know the triggers that send me over the edge and cause me to make bad food choices. But this has given me the encouragement to then take that next step. And make choices that are good for me and good for my soul. Choices that won’t leave me feeling guilty and discouraged.

The other thing I love about this devotional is that it’s not just about food. The encouragement and message really can apply to so many areas of our life. Whatever our struggle is, and let’s be honest ok? We all have struggles. We all have addictions.  The Truth of God’s Word and the devotionals by Lysa bring you back to the One who can help you through. Whatever it is you’re dealing with.

I encourage you to invest in this devotional, if you don’t already have one. I got mine on my Kindle for PC (free to download) and it was only $5.00.  The devos are not long and always focused on God’s word.

And now I’ll get back to studying. And maybe a little snack too. But no twinkies today. We’ll save those to celebrate when I pass Anatomy!

2 thoughts on “Made to crave. And we’re not talking about twinkies.

    Heather Abels said:
    January 18, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    I have this book and have read most of it. Love, love, love it!!! When I first read it, I felt like she wrote it specifically for me. I was doing so well for awhile…and now, not so well. Will it ever not be a struggle??!! For me, it’s like if I don’t conciously turn it over to God every day, and acknowledge my food addiction as a problem every day, I lose the battle. Anyway, I will have to look at getting the devotional!

      Missy responded:
      January 18, 2012 at 9:01 pm

      I agree. It can be so discouraging, just today I was asking myself (and God) if I’ll ever “succeed at this”. I guess it’s good that it’s a daily battle because it causes us to daily go to Him. Now I’ll have to get the book! 🙂

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