Let’s unload the pictures from my phone

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Hang on to your hats, it’s been awhile.

During Advent I was a part of a drama team for Advent services. I was the Angel. We were a nativity scene that came to life. A couple of times I had to hold my arms like that for at least 5 minutes. Ow.

One day a few weeks ago I decided to get ambitious and have a science day.  First we made towers using play dough, spaghetti noodles and Cheerios. Angel loved this project. Caleb thought it was ok but it didn’t keep his attention as good.

After play dough towers, we got real sciency and made some different mixtures using water, oil and salt. Oh ya, food coloring too. Just a little bit of a mess. But the kids loved it.

I think this was a day my Bubba was sick. Unfortunately he’s had alot of those days lately.

Building lego houses.

My love.

Our craft this week was lame kinda simple.  We are going to spend a day with my sister in the middle of February. Originally I wanted to make a fancy string thing that showed the numbers and then each day we take off a number to reveal how many days left until we see Aunt Nellie. Well that didn’t work so well and so we ended up with a hanging thing and then each day the kids pull off the number. I guess they still like it and they got to cut which they absolutely love so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Bubba’s finger at the doctor.

The day before my school started we celebrated this new adventure by having a triple chocolate meltdown at Apple Bee’s. Love.

Caleb with his best bud Spiderman.

Ed. This is how he sits most every day all day long.

“Make believe day” at Angel’s school. She dressed up as Rapunzel and of course Caleb had to dress up too. Doesn’t he look tall in this picture!?

Me and Pat on a date, eating at a salad place. You can’t really see it but I have brown sauce coming out of my mouth.  The honeymoon’s over folks.

Angel getting her first, but not really, haircut. It’s her first haircut at an actual hair salon. I’ve trimmed her hair a little before so I guess it really doesn’t count as a first first haircut.  But she loved it and sat so nice.

What Caleb would do all day long if we let him. Play angry birds on Pat’s ipod.

A new coat Angel got for her birthday. (This was taken in October!) It’s a little big but will be perfect this spring.  My little cutie pie.

Caleb is happy if… he has a snack, a drink and is watching a movie. (Maybe a little too much like his mama.)

Angel is all about talking on the phone lately. Most of the time she talks to Nellie. And talks and talks.

After talking on the “phone” to Nellie, she then likes to write her name. Over and over.

The kiddos usually don’t want to pick out their own clothes. And it’s a good thing, because this is what Caleb would look like if he did.  Ok, I guess he’s pretty cute.

My two favorite girls… Angel and Princess.  (We miss her so much!)

Angel’s first craft of the new year. Perfect!


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