What weekend?

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I love working on the weekends because it means I get to be home with my babies during the week. I don’t love working on the weekends because the time goes so fast and I miss my family.

So not much for a weekend wrap up this weekend. But lucky you I’m going to find other stuff to talk about. Ha!

Date night Friday night. Grama Barb is a rock star. Movie and popcorn. Regardless of how unromantic my favorite date ever is going to a movie. Angel dance on Saturday. Cleaning. Resting. Studying. Work. Church on Sunday. Not home til 3:00. Kids sleep. Daddy sleeps. Mommy off to work. Studying.

Mommy tired.

Oh well, it’s a new week and being at church was such an encouragement. I love our couple’s Bible study we are a part of.  This week the guys and ladies split up. I love those ladies so much. They encourage and challenge me to be a better wife and mom. And being able to cry and just be real is so refreshing. If we are anything at church, we should be able to be real, right?

I have my first Anatomy exam tomorrow. Yikes. The hardest part so far of going back to school has been learning how to study. When I was in college before I was a major crammer and so it’s nice actually learning something this time around. But it’s also harder and more time-consuming. But so far I don’t feel like it’s taken up tons of time away from my family so that’s good.  My online English class is going really well. I really like it and so far it hasn’t really been that difficult. I’ve been able to stay at least a week ahead and want to try to continue that so I can devote more time to Anatomy.

If you happen to read this before 1:00 on Monday would you say a prayer for me that God would give me good recall?

This week will be another busy week but hopefully good busy.

I work again tomorrow night. Sigh. Love my job but three in a row about kills me, especially when a certain little girl doesn’t sleep at night.  Today a friend gave us an idea for helping with that. She suggested we run a fan in Angel’s room and that the noise from the fan is calming and drowns out all the other noises. So we’ll see how that goes tonight!

Angel is star of the week at school so we have to find pictures and will also probably bring treats. 

On Friday last week I went to a chiropractor a friend has been encouraging me to go see and I had a bunch of x-rays done. Tuesday we go back and hear what they can do for me and my pain and how much it’ll cost. I’m also going to bite the bullet finally and call a new family practice doctor and make an appointment to get a second opinion. (Do you even know what I’m talking about? Have I mentioned my back/leg/arm/headache issues? Well maybe another time. You’re welcome.)

Grama Barb’s birthday is on Wednesday so we’re going to go out for lunch.  Then Wednesday night is church. Again, we’ve been so blessed as we’ve started attending Wednesday night activities. Both kids are going and they love it. And Pat and I are going to the adult group. We are going through Francis Chan’s book Unforgotten God. So good.

I don’t work again until the weekend and I work the day shift both days, which is a little tougher on Daddy and the kids. The good thing is I won’t feel like I have to study as much during the week since I usually have slow time during my shift.

And then of course Sunday is the Super Bowl. Pat’s team is the Patriots. I asked him if he wanted to have people over. He said, “Do you remember the last time we had people over for the Super Bowl? The Patriots played the Giants. And the Giants won. And everyone cheered for the Giants.” (Ryan Chase I think he was talking about you. Along with the entire youth group.)  He didn’t say it very nice either. And so I said, “Wasn’t that like 5 years ago? Are you still bitter?” And he said, “YES!”

SO. We are not going to have people over for the Super Bowl. Unless I can convince him that no one who comes over will cheer for the Giants.  But regardless please pray with me that the Patriots win. K. Thanks.

And have a great week!

2 thoughts on “What weekend?

    Dawn Becker said:
    February 4, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Hi Missy! Just wanted to chime in on the idea of a fan in Angel’s room. All 3 of my kids sleep with a fan and I really do believe that it drowns out other noise and helps them sleep better. At the same time, I know kids are so different… But it’s worth a try! Love you, me

      Missy responded:
      February 4, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      Thanks Dawn! It does seem to have helped a bit. Last night she made it til 4am! 🙂 It seems to have helped the multiple wakings. Baby steps! Btw, loved all your pictures from your trip! Love you too!

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