How Much Hairspray Is Too Much?

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Originally posted on January 17th, 2008

If you asked my husband that question, he would say, “5 minutes”. Obviously he doesn’t understand a good thing when he sees it. Or hears it. Whatever.

So I’m a drama and musical nut. I love to watch musicals. And perform musicals. And direct musicals. So when the movie Hairspray came out I was so excited. SO EXCITED! I went opening weekend with some girlfriends. There were about 8 of us and we were so obnoxious – it was awesome. And then a few weeks later I went with my life group (a group of teens that meet once a week for bible study). It was kind of interesting because they actually acted more mature than my girlfriends. What is our world coming to?

Hubby and I love to go to movies but he actually refused to go with me. I was very distraught because I just knew his life wouldn’t be complete without seeing Hairspray. And then my world came to a screeching halt when Princess refused to go with me. It doesn’t matter that I’d already seen it 2 times, it was crucial to her development as a young women to see this movie.

So anyway, she went on and on about how it was a stupid movie (gasp) and was never going to see it. It was a very tragic situation. Well lo and behold little miss “ew I hate Hairspray” watched it with me a few weeks ago. And guess what folks SHE LOVED IT! Oh I love it when people see the light.

Well Princess hasn’t been feeling well lately and you all know about my ankle and little bout with the flu so we figured a dose of Hairspray would do us good. Last Saturday we watched it three times. On Sunday we watched it two times. And then on Monday Princess was still sick so she stayed home from school. Really she was sick, it had nothing to do with the fact that we wanted to watch Hairspray, let’s say another two times.

Have I mentioned that I love this girl? And dancing. And singing. And dancing and singing at the same time to really cheesy songs. And pretending to be Tracy dancing with Link. And pretending to be Tracy kissing Link…. WHOA! Sorry, got a little carried away there.

So, how much Hairspray is too much? I suppose 18 hours of Hairspray is probably a little too much but when 14 of those hours are spent in the company of my precious Princess, well there’s nothing better than that!



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