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Lots of retreating went on this past week.

I retreated from the blog and forced you to read reruns. Even though some days I’d rather blog instead of make my family supper, I suppose that’s not a good idea.

This weekend Patrick and I attended and helped facilitate a couple’s retreat for our church. We’ve been hoping to do one for over a year and so it was great to see it finally come to pass. It was a smaller group, 12 couples, but what a blessing. Pat and I shared our story and Pat did a little preaching and teaching and I have mentioned he’s a rock star?

The kiddos got a little retreat from their tired parents. My mom came to town to spend the weekend with them while Pat and I did our own retreating.  Pat and I got eight hours of sleep on Saturday night, but unfortunately Caleb was starting to get sick and so mom didn’t sleep at all.  Although the usual non-sleeping kid (Angel) slept the entire night without even a peep.

On Sunday my mom and I were going to surprise Angel and take her to Disney Live.  My mom ended up needing to go home early and so we invited Angel’s cousin Janai (and one of our favorite people in the whole world) to go with us. So Angel got not only the surprise of going to Disney Live but the surprise of Janai getting to come with. Angel was so excited and it was so awesome!  I’ll have to (eventually) do a post and share the pictures with you.

I unfortunately had to retreat from my family a few times to study last week. Class is going well. I have an A in English and a B in Anatomy. I’m determined to get an A in Anatomy but we’ll see how that goes. I know this might come as a surprise to you but I’m kind of a perfectionist. And while that’s ok sometimes, I’m actually learning that I need to just chill out, do my best, and realize that a B might be the best this tired mom can do.  Because some days most days putting puzzles together or playing sleeping bear is more important than studying. (Unfortunately playing sleeping bear has nothing to do with sleeping!) And as you know the kiddos have been sick this week and so studying has taken a backseat to everything.

Speaking of studying, my next Anatomy exam is tomorrow. And then Thursday morning I take my Nursing School Entrance Exam. (PRAY FOR ME!) I was originally pretty serious about studying for the entrance exam (I found a book online that I read was good) but with everyone sick this week I’ve finally just decided that I’m not going to worry about it. If I don’t get in this semester I’ll just try again next.

We are SO looking forward to some retreating coming up soon. This week after my entrance exam the kids and I are heading an hour north and meeting up with my sister. There is a children’s museum there and we got a hotel room and will stay over and do some swimming.  (Lord willing if the kids are better. PLEASE let them be better!!) And then in March over my spring break I think we are going to go up to the Cities to visit Princess and Prankster!

Even though I really really miss my daily counseling session blogging time I’ll probably be retreating again for the rest of the week. I hope you are all staying healthy and maybe finding a little retreat time of your own!  I will be back soon to share more details about this mom I know who went to Disney Live and dressed up like Snow White and got really strange looks from everyone.   Some people are so weird!


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