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…I let the kids go out in the snow.

…Joey got to play in the snow for the first time.

…we colored.

…we colored on paper and ourselves.

…we had eggs (Angel), peanut butter and jelly (Caleb) and turkey (me) for lunch.

…I made a menu. For the next 4 days.

…I told myself a 4-day menu is better than no menu.

…we played tug of war with Joey.

…I looked at the window seal above my sink to see encouragement from God’s Word and the first plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive.

…I told the kids their dad is a rock star.

…we stayed in pj’s most of the day.

…I actually made supper. We’ve been eating out way too much lately.

…Bubba eventually fell asleep for a nap.

…we played Barbies.

…I walked in to the office/craft room/play room. And walked right back out.

…I did laundry which means I washed and dried laundry but have yet to remove it from our family room couch.

…I did my new back stretches and exercises and am so thankful for an awesome chiropractor.

…we read books in the kids’ tents.

…I broke up 1400 fights.

…I was so thankful for my (8 minute) devotion this morning and today’s verse – But in your hearts revere [set apart] Christ as Lord. (1 PETER 3:15A)

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