I’m pretty sure the real Snow white was 38 and wore a dress five sizes too small

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Two weekends ago Angel and I went to Disney Live with my cousin’s daughter Janai. I wanted this big event to be a surprise for Angel. On Sunday morning I finally started giving clues that later that day we had a big surprise.  At around 2:00 we started getting ready. I said to Angel, “Come on Angel cakes, we have to go get dressed up like Princesses.”

And she looked at me like I was really weird.

We go downstairs and dig through her dress up clothes. She picks Belle and I pick the largest one she had which turned out to be Snow White.  After a little extra maneuvering and cutting (oh yes I did) I finally got the dress on. I wore it over a black dress just in case something popped open! (Ha!)  I eventually added a black sweater because honestly I looked completely ridiculous.  Ok, I looked ridiculous even with the sweater but it gave me the courage to go out of the house.

Next up we put on makeup and curled our hair. At this point Angel realized we were in for a big big surprise. Because mean old mom never lets her wear makeup.  It was so much fun getting all fancied up with her. She was so excited and at one point she guessed that we were going to Disney World!

It was finally time to go. Here we are before heading out to pick up Janai.

We brought along a few dresses for Janai and she ended up wearing the Rapunzle dress.  As we walked through the parking lot I began to wonder if I might be the only adult dressed up. No. I was sure there was going to be other moms there dressed up.

Well it turns out I’m pretty sure I was the only adult dressed up.  I was definitely the only adult dressed up in a dress that was way too small. And I might have gotten a few strange looks. And I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn that I couldn’t care less how many weird looks I got. My Angel cakes was so excited and we were having a blast!

The show was great. Ok, it was pretty cheesy. But it was cheesy great! I was tempted to record Angel’s face for the whole thing because it was priceless. Complete joy!

Here’s some pictures from the actual show. When I grow up I want to be a princess in Disney Live.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald actually hosted the show. That was pretty cool.

First was Snow White:

And then Cinderella. I guess I didn’t get many pictures from those two.

Posing for a picture at intermission.

Mmmm. Delicious ten-dollar popcorn. (WHAT!)

And then it was time for our favorite. Beauty and the Beast! Gaston was so tall!

Be our guest!

Ah. True love.

And the finale. So cool!

During the finale alot of the kids started dancing up front, including my Angel cakes!

What an awesome memory we made and I’m so thankful we were able to share it with Janai!


2 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure the real Snow white was 38 and wore a dress five sizes too small

    my life is Christ's said:
    February 22, 2012 at 6:57 am

    wow, this is so cool! I wish I could have been there to see Angel’s face! And I’m so glad Janai got to experience it with you! Yes, this is definitely a lifetime memory for those two (and you too!) …… and I LOVE it that you dressed up1 so cool! You are an awesome Mommy and an awesome special person in Janai’s life!

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