Weekend wrap up and an update on Allie dog

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I use “we” alot in this post. “We” could possibly mean Angel and Caleb.

We went to the movie.

Unfortunately we weren’t too impressed. But honestly we mostly go to the movies for the popcorn anyway.

We colored. And this picture is a little unrealistic because we mostly colored on everything except paper.

We made a big mess. And then with a little “encouragement” cleaned it up.

Daddy made this awesome supper.

We took lots of baths. Unfortunately we’re having a little difficulty making it to the bathroom on time.

Princess sent me a text, “Having a chocolate lava cake date.”

The only date I had this weekend was with this guy.

We made some bad choices this weekend. And this was actually the less messy of the bad choices. We also went through a lot of toothpaste.

At 8:00 pm on Sunday night we decided it was “time to go to school!”

We cleaned alot! I gave the kids a container of disinfectant wipes and let them go to town. It’s amazing how well they actually do.

We loved on Allie dog.

This is a comparison of Allie… how she normally looks .

And how she’s looked the past few weeks. Can you see how distended her tummy is?

We were sure that today or tomorrow we would have to put Allie dog to sleep. She had a pretty rough weekend, refusing to eat and mostly refusing to even go outside.  Daddy skyped with Princess so she could say goodbye. 😦

But this morning she went outside and had a little bit of a spring in her step. Unfortunately she still wouldn’t eat and her tummy is still big but she was definitely not as lethargic as she has been.

It’s so hard to know what to do. I called the after hours vet this weekend to ask a few questions and the lady I talked to said to me, “Are you just trying to make her comfortable or what are you waiting for?”  I guess we’re waiting for a miracle. She’s only 9 and it makes it really hard to make a decision to put her to sleep when she still has good days.  But we know she is still bleeding because of her stomach and also the whites of her eyes are pure white and her gums are really pale. As long as her breathing is somewhat normal the vet doesn’t think she’s in pain so that’s what we’re keeping a close eye on.

For now it’s just a day at a time. We love our Allie dog and we are dreading the day when she’s gone from our family.


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