The things they say and do

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The kids make us laugh so much. Unfortunately they are getting old enough, especially Angel, that she takes offense when we laugh at her. I keep telling her that we aren’t laughing at her. But she doesn’t believe me. She’s just so funny though.

~~The other day she picked up Joey and he scratched her eye. She had a complete meltdown, I think because she so devastated that Joey would do that to her (even though it was an accident). Not necessarily because it hurt.  Well anyway, she went running in to her room and slammed the door.  I went to her door (which she has started locking lately. Grrrr.) and said, “Angel are you ok? Open the door please.”  She said, “I’M NOT COMING OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!” (Direct quote from Judy Moody.) I burst out laughing ( I couldn’t help it) and then she got really mad. “DON’T LAUGH AT ME!”

Oh dear.

~~I’m afraid to admit this but it appears our children are learning most of their words and antics from television. We’re kind of a movie family. One of Angel’s recent favorites is Barbie Princess Charm School. It’s also one of Caleb’s favorite but I won’t say that out loud because Daddy doesn’t like that he LOVES it! They always do a few things from the movie.

Caleb has started kneeling down whenever he brings me something. There’s a prince in the movie that does this when he meets Barbie. See, it’s not all bad for him to watch it! We’ve started having them clear the table after supper and he’ll bring piece by piece and each time he’ll kneel down and say, “Here you are sir.” It’s so stinking funny and of course I haven’t been able to catch it on camera yet.

Another thing from the movie is they will put their hands together (like in the middle of a circle) and say, “Let’s do it tonight!” and they’ll raise their hands up in the air and then go off on an adventure just like the Barbie girls do.

~~The other day Angel was talking to Grama Barb about her shoes (which she’s had forever) and said, “I got them at the mall.”

~~Angel has started saying/singing, “Don’t be such a drama queen!” I don’t think I’ve said that to her but it’s highly likely I said something like that.  The funniest part is she’ll say it to Caleb.

~~Today Caleb came up to me and asked for a snack. And then he said, “I NEED SUGAR!”

Oh dear.


One thought on “The things they say and do

    Erika said:
    March 7, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Your kids are SO STINKIN’ FUNNY!!! I LOVE everything you post about them… reminds me so much of mine when they were that age (Issy & Wes are 15 months apart). Priceless stuff happens at this age – so glad you are documenting it (and letting us in on the joy nuggets). 🙂

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