Weekend wrap up

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This weekend was the Sportmen’s Show and my parent’s had a booth. They rent out their home as a vacation home, mostly to hunters and fishermen, and so they had a booth to try to drum up some business.

The show was Thursday night, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We spent most of our time there with my parents, or driving back and forth.   We might have spent a little too much time there because I think it was Friday afternoon we came home so we the kids could rest and Angel was really struggling to settle down. She kept crying and crying about all different types of stuff and she finally said, “THE SHOW IS SO BORING!”  Ha! Poor kiddos!

A few other highlights from the weekend were:

Both kids slept all night Thursday night. Yahoo! We are certainly making progress but it doesn’t usually happen that both kids sleep through the night.  And of course Friday and Saturday nights they were up about 40 times. I think it’s time to restock the sleep in your bed all night bribe box!

I worked Saturday and Sunday night. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy so I got alot of studying done. I still don’t feel prepared enough for my exam on Wednesdays. It’s on tissues, bones and joints. But Pat gives me a bad time because I never think I’m prepared and so far I’ve been doing ok on exams.  But still, I get pretty stressed out about. If you think about it, pray for me Tuesday and Wednesday as I prepare for and take my exam!

The kid’s cousins Tony and Krissy took them to an arcade on Saturday. This was a nice little break for Pat and I and so we went home and took a nap. Ha! Such excitement, huh!

I really struggle with making lunch on Sundays. We usually go to the 11:00 service and so by the time we get out of church it’s 12:15 and then everyone is tired and cranky and I usually convince Pat that we need to just go out to eat. We really need to quit doing that and so I actually made some food for lunch on Sunday! When I got home from work on Saturday night (1 am), after I had a snack and watched tv, I put a pork roast in the crock pot on low for bbq sandwiches. It was about 2 am and so I figured it’d be done perfect for lunch. Pat had cooked up some potatoes for me and I was going to make up potato salad Sunday morning.  Simple. Yummy.

Oh, wait. Except we didn’t eat it for lunch. We kinda forgot to move the clocks ahead and so we kinda overslept.  And then my mom said that they would take the kids for a few hours because our life is a crazy mess and she thought we really needed a break. Um, ok. Thanks?  Ha! So instead of eating a yummy lunch me and Pat ate popcorn at the movie and the kids had cotton candy at the sportsmen show.   Before going to work Sunday I did get the potato salad made up and so Hubs and the kids got to enjoy our lunch for supper.

I don’t have too many pictures from our weekend.

The kids at the bear show that was at the Sportsmen’s Show:

And the best picture ever. My dad with the kids at the show on Thursday. Caleb picked out his outfit. He’s one cool dude. (Notice the tie! And cowboy boots – kinda – just like Papa!)


2 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

    Mom said:
    March 16, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Hey, you left out the part about Caleb wanting to walk through the campers a hundred zillion times and Angel ‘ralphing’ and then almost fainting way up in the bleachers when we were walking around! Oh, and what about when Caleb was under the table, in his ‘tent’, and sticking a 2 X 4 out in the aisle, almost tripping our perspective customers! (:) (Oh, didn’t you know about that?) haha

      Missy responded:
      March 16, 2012 at 8:22 pm

      Oh my word. You didn’t tell me that about Caleb. And ya, now that Angel puked, Caleb thinks he’s going to ALL THE TIME! 🙂

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