Look, there’s a crazy lady

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My friend yelled at me once because I always call myself crazy. I can’t help it. I am feel crazy 99% of the time.  And here’s a few examples.


The other day I decided that I didn’t like my blond highlights. I also decided that I can’t afford to go to a professional hair salon. I then decided to live on the edge and go to the Wally World hair salon to get my hair colored and cut.  I apologize if you work at a Wally World hair salon and I just implied you are not professional.

Does this look like the work of a non-professional?


Well, I think my new hair lady did a great job! It’s cropped up a little shorter in the back which I really like. And even though it’s a little darker than I thought it would be Pat likes it too so that’s all good.

Caleb was along for the ride as I did it on a Thursday morning when Angel was at school. He was such a trooper. Thankfully I had Pat’s ipod along and so he played “the birdy game” most of the time (Angry Birds).

I had to sit for about 30 minutes with the color in my hair and at about that time Caleb decided he was starving! So off to the Wally World checkout we went to get him a snack.  Cape on, hair all slicked up with color and all. A lady stopped as we were deciding what to get for a snack and said, “You are brave!”

That’s not really what I was thinking, but I’ll go with that.


I don’t think I told you about the time I almost burned my family’s retinas out of their eyes.

It was a couple weeks ago when everyone was sick. Caleb had pink eye and had laid down to take a nap. Pat and I were making supper for church that night and we had 2 bags of onions to chop up. Angel and I decided to do this while Caleb slept. After awhile Angel started to complain of her eyes hurting.

Unfortunately I didn’t even think of this because I usually wear contacts and so I can chop onions and it doesn’t make me cry. Well poor Angel was in so much pain and so I sent her into the living room to watch a movie. I finished up all the onions quick and figured we were in the clear.

Caleb woke up from his nap and started just screaming and rubbing his eyes. I figured his pink eye must be really bothering. And then I realized that the onion must really be lingering in the air and so I opened up some windows.  The poor kids were in so much pain, especially Caleb.  I knew it was really bad when Pat came home from work and the look on his face told me that the onion was alot worse than I could even imagine.

Bad mom moment #245.


Today the kids were at Grama Barb’s in the afternoon while I was at class. I had an exam and I got done earlier than normal. I decided to go home and do some work on my English class as I have tons of homework this week. At about 4:00 I decided to be crazy brave and run to Grama’s house pushing the double stroller.  And then I’d pick up the kids and we’d walk home.

I realized as I was running (and walking a bit) that people were probably wondering what the crazy lady was doing with the empty stroller. Perhaps I left the kids at Chuck E. Cheese? (HAHA!) I didn’t really notice any strange looks though because I could hardly breathe.

(It’s really hard to take a picture while you run and push a stroller.)

When I first started out for Grama’s I thought to myself that I should do this more often.  Ya know, run to Grama’s to pick up the kids.

Sounds like something a crazy lady would say.


3 thoughts on “Look, there’s a crazy lady

    Jenny said:
    March 15, 2012 at 5:01 am

    Crazy lady? Nah…not by much, anyway! That does give a new (literal) meaning to “run to grandma’s”! (and I like the new hair, my friend!)

      Missy Quittem said:
      March 15, 2012 at 6:21 am

      Thanks! How is life friend? Miss you!! 🙂

    my life is Christ's said:
    March 15, 2012 at 8:23 am

    You crazy sister!

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