Fine, but not really

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Caleb does this new thing.

Pretty much anytime we tell ask him to do something, he’ll usually argue with us for a bit. And then he’ll say, “FINE!” And it’s not an I’d be happy to do that for you mama fine. It’s a whatever this sucks I’m only doing it cause you’re making me fine.

Fine, but not really.

We’re all kind feeling fine, but not really today. Today is the day that Allie dog goes to doggy heaven. I realize that dogs probably don’t go to heaven but that’s what we’re telling our kids. We don’t do Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, but we do doggy heaven. And if there is a doggy heaven, Allie is for sure going there.

After our last update she had a huge recovery. Her tummy went back to normal and she was back to her sweet playful self. That lasted a few days and we thought that she had been healed. Unfortunately it was a temporary thing. She started having more bad days than good days and probably the last four days have been all bad. I don’t think she’s eaten a thing and she even refused bread soaked in gravy last night.

It’s been up to my sweet husband as to when we take her in and unfortunately he just can’t stand to say goodbye to his Allie dog.  But this morning finally he knows it’s time as she can’t even lift up her head. She lays by her water bowl, taking a little drink every once in awhile. We’re just waiting for a call from our vet.

We’ve been snuggling with our girl all morning. Caleb isn’t as affected by it as me and Pat Angel and Princess are.

Fine, but not really.


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