Goodbye party

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My brother Jim and his wife Leana are leaving tomorrow for a 3 month adventure in South Africa. Leana is from South Africa and they’ll be visiting her family. After they return in June they’ll be moving to Florida, many many miles away from us! We are both sad and excited for them. We’ve spent most of our life in South Dakota and so to have them so far away will not be fun! But we are looking forward to visiting!

This weekend we had a little going away partay for them. It was just our family, but it was perfect. My sister drove down 3 hours and it was one of the few weekends that my other brother was in town. We debated whether to go out or eat at home and finally decided to eat at home and have a pasta bar. Yum!

We hired a chef to help us cook everything!

Oh wait! That’s Princess! Yes, in addition to my whole family being here, Princess surprised us and was in town for a visit. It was just for a few hours but it was so awesome to see her beautiful face!

(Sorry, blurry.)

When we weren’t stuffing our faces with pasta, salad or fruit, we played Wii. My sister brought it down and it was so much fun. The Michael Jackson Experience dance game and bowling were the two favorites.  My sister would very likely kill me if I post the video of her and Angel dancing with MJ. So I’ll post a picture of Patrick bowling.

And we also just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company!

At one point Leana called her mom in South Africa. She was talking in her native language (pronounced Africans) and Angel had to go over and see what in the world was going on. She just sat there watching Leana. It was so cute!

After awhile we all headed to Cherry Berry for a little dessert.

We also managed to take a family picture, which I thought turned out great!

After Cherry Berry it was back to our house to hang out and relax.  Eventually my parents had to head for home but us kids were wanting to take Jim and Leana out for their last American meal for the next three months.  We called Grama Barb and as usual she and the kids’ cousins (are amazing!) and were willing to come over and watch Angel and Caleb so that we could have a little time without chasing kiddos.  Jim and Leana picked Buffalo Wild Wings and it was so good. Hot, but good!

Blazin’ hot wings! The hottest ones available.

No problem for my studly husband! (Ok, honestly he said his tongue and lips were on fire!)

Here’s a video my mom made for Jim.

And a 2012 picture of the four of us!

It was such a great weekend! We love you Jim and Leana and we are excited for you as you begin this new adventure!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye party

    Leana Hellman said:
    March 26, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Aaaah what a fun day!!! Will miss you guys!

    stacy said:
    March 26, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Missy, this is an awesome post and I bet one you will look back on often!! Thank you so much for posting this and I enjoy reading all of them…will have to remember to past this info. on to my brother too:) Blessings to you and your gorgeous family! Stacy

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