Those darn ovaries let me down again

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Infertility. Hormonal imbalance. Cysts.


I’m not sure why, but I’ve been hesitant to share some things that we’ve been dealing with lately. I’ve always been one to kinda spew out anything and everything (ya think?) but this time around I don’t want to get myself and everyone else all worked up for nothing.  After letting everything soak in for a day we realize we need some major prayer right now and so we’ve decided to share and ask you to pray.

So anyway, for a while now I’ve been having lower abdominal pain. I’ve always dealt with ovarian cysts and it’s felt similar to that but has gotten worse. I finally went to the doctor and she ordered an ultrasound. I had that last Thursday. The doctor called Friday afternoon (you know it’s bad when the doctor calls!) and said they did find a mass that is not a cyst. They don’t know for sure that it’s cancer and so I’m having a CT scan Monday morning.  Unfortunately I don’t meet with the surgeon until Friday and so I get to wait all week, patiently I hope, until we find out what we’re dealing with.  We of course are praying that it’s benign but either way I’ll have my ovaries removed because of the size of the mass and because of the pain I’m having.

(Side note for those who took part in the Francis Chan Bible study at Abiding. Do we pray that it’s benign or do we just pray for God’s will, whatever that may be? How ’bout we pray that God’s will is that it’s benign! ;))

It’s really hard not to worry and think about all the “what ifs”. And so that’s where we need some major prayer coverage right now. I don’t want to think about next Friday and what we’re going to hear. I don’t want to think about anything that has to do with cancer. Until we know for sure what’s going on.  I just want to focus on today.

I was supposed to work Saturday night but I was having some major pain. I called in sick and then Pat decided that we needed a distraction. So we packed up the van and took a spontaneous trip to see my parents. One of my favorite places to be is on the boat on the river. The weather was beautiful, temperature of 85 and it’s the most relaxing place in the world. We took the boat out and I just layed there and rested and took tons of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the beautiful company of my kiddos, husband and parents.

My resting spot…

My dad and Caleb…

My mama and Angel…

I probably won’t be online much this week. Nothing like a cancer scare to really make you realize how short life is. And what’s really important.

I will update when we know more on Friday. Thank you so much for praying!


One thought on “Those darn ovaries let me down again

    sincerelyanna said:
    April 1, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    I will keep you in my prayers! I used to work in a radiology office, I know how nervous the testing and waiting can make you feel. I’ll pray for a great CT tech and radiologist who reads the scan, people who will be in your corner to get those results passed along quickly to your doctor so you’ll know something before Friday. Sending lots of hope and prayers…

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