God is good. God is faithful.

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~God is good. God is faithful. In case you were wondering.

~The doctor called with the results from my CT scan. Unfortunately it didn’t really tell us anything. They were hoping it would definitely identify the tumor as a “dermoid,” which is benign. But it didn’t. At first I thought she said that it’s not cancer so when I asked her she said, “Well we don’t know for sure,” and we won’t know until after surgery.  Of course based on my age it’s very likely that it is benign. I asked about getting into the surgeon before Friday because I’m in so much pain but she said it’s a miracle I even got in on Friday.  I’m assuming I’ll have surgery next week but will keep you posted.

~When we went to visit my parents on Saturday Pat and I were really excited about getting a full nights rest in the two comfortable beds at the hotel! (I’m totally serious.) Well unfortunately my son is trying to exceed the world record for how many times a person can hit their head and not get a concussion. He was having a tantrum and decided to run into the door.

And so Caleb didn’t get to sleep on the boat with Grama and Papa, but instead had to sleep (or not) with mama.

~Sunday morning before we left for home, Pat and I went on a very slow walk. Unfortunately running is out of the question until I get this thing out of me.

It was so beautiful out on the river.

I was about to suggest to Pat that we start getting up every morning and going on a walk. And then I remembered we have two small children. (Oops.)

~Speaking of small children, I love these turkeys so much.

~And I love this song too. I’ve been singing it alot.

Thanks so very much for your prayers.


One thought on “God is good. God is faithful.

    Sarah said:
    April 3, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    God is good – we’ll continue to uplift you as you continue to seek definitive answers!

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