Good new and bad news

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Which should I share first?

Good news? Bad news? Let’s start with good.

God is good. God is faithful!

Bad news?

I forgot to shave my legs for my doctor appointment. Thankfully I realized about 10 minutes before we had to leave. Unfortunately I realized about 10 minutes before we had to leave and so I had to shave dry with lotion. Gross and ouch.

(I apologize if you are new to my blog. I’m a lot little bit weird.)

(I also apologize if you are new to my blog because I tend to share every little detail. TMI, anyone?)

Ok, so here’s how the doctor appointment went.

The obgyn oncologist surgeon we saw was really nice. It was supposed to be Dr Rojas who is known for being amazing but he is out of town. Dr Bidus comes up from VA and fills in for him a few weeks out of the year. Kind of a weird situation, but we really liked Dr Bidus. He took alot of time with us and went through everything. He was also very sympathetic to my tears.

He too said there’s no way to know it’s cancer until they do surgery. He said we could be dealing with major cancer or it could be a regular normal old cyst that will disappear in a few weeks.  His concern with doing surgery right now is that he doesn’t have anything to compare my current tests to. And so his first recommendation was to do the CA125 blood test, which isn’t a for sure it’s cancer test but does give a little more information. If that comes back in normal limits we wait 4-6 weeks and see how things go. If it’s elevated we do surgery right away.

I heard 4-6 weeks and the water works started. Ug. I hate it when I cry.

Just yesterday a good friend told me to stand my ground and be honest with how I feel. Even if it’s not cancer I still am unable to function and my family needs me.   And I’m so glad she gave me that advice because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have said anything. The tears probably gave away how I was feeling but I shared that I just couldn’t imagine another 4-6 weeks of what the last two years weeks have been like.

He said based on pain alone and my enormous history of pelvic pain, adhesions and endrometriosis he’d be willing to do the surgery right away. But he wanted me to understand that based on my enormous history of pelvic pain, adhesions and endrometriosis that it would not be a minor laproscopic surgery. He would have to review my hysterectomy records but that I’d probably have to have a laparotomy which is an incision from belly button all the way down.  He said with all the adhesions there’s a good chance my left side is adhered to my colon and so it will be a very complicated surgery. Three days minimum in the hospital and at least 6 weeks recovery. Yikes.

(However a thought just came to me. Perhaps they could suck a little fat out of my tummy while they’re in there. That would be amazing!)


So it’s a gamble I guess. Option one – regardless of blood work have surgery now and have 6 weeks recovery.  Option two – if blood work is normal wait and see if the pain goes away. If the pain doesn’t go away, have surgery anyway and 6 weeks recovery. Option three – blood work comes back elevated we’ll know for sure to do the surgery.

Needless to say we have alot of praying to do.  Thanks again for your prayers and we will keep you posted on blood test results, and if and when surgery is.

A friend shared Psalm 27 with me this morning. What particularly stood out to me was,

Wait patiently for the Lord.   Be brave and courageous.  Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

Now I know why. We are waiting. And trying to be patient. And trusting in His timing for all things.


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