I wish I lived in Grey’s Anatomy land

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If I lived in Grey’s Anatomy land my doctor would have called already. In fact I’d probably already be out of surgery and in recovery.  But then again it’s probably not a good thing I live in Grey’s Anatomy land, because oh my word, the drama.

I realize I’m probably one of the few people in the world who has never watched Grey’s Anatomy. What!!?? I know.  Well since spending an obscene amount of time on the couch we subscribed to Netflix again and I was trying to find something to watch.  And of course, now I’m addicted and I have seven ridiculous seasons to watch. Good time to have surgery, huh?!

Honestly? This wasn’t really a hard decision. Whether or not to have surgery now or wait 4-6 weeks to see if this undiagnosed pain goes away.  At this point, I’m not concerned at all about having cancer. (Ok, maybe still a little concerned.) But the pain. I just can’t deal with this pain.  And even though I’m guaranteed pain for at least 3-4 weeks if I have surgery now, it still brings us more peace than taking the chance of having to eventually do surgery anyway.

And I can’t eat. Have I mentioned that I can’t eat? Along with the pain, I’ve lost my appetite. I kidded with a friend that hey, at least I hadn’t lost weight or lost my appetite so it can’t be that bad.  Well the past week or so I’ve started to lose my appetite and over the weekend it’s gotten worse. Patrick took us to the ranch, as in Pizza Ranch. All I could eat was some salad, a small piece of pizza, one piece of cheesy bread and 1/2 piece of chicken. Seriously? What a complete Pizza Ranch buffet failure. It was then and there that I knew I needed to just have the surgery.

(Unfortunately, I am totally not kidding. I really like to eat.)

So we were supposed to talk to the doctor today and talk about whether or not to proceed with the surgery now or wait.  I would love to tell him to proceed but he hasn’t called yet. I, of course, was being impatient this morning, and so I did already call and leave a message. If I don’t hear back by 3:30 or 4:00 today I’ll probably call again.

Can I just say thank you Jesus for pain meds?! I finally got a subscription for some Friday. Sure, they left me feeling a little loopy but at least I was able to get up a little more, go along to get groceries, do a little cleaning and thankfully go to Easter Sunday service. But don’t worry my dear husband was very quick to scold me to sit my butt down and not overdo it.

So as soon as we are able to talk to the doctor and schedule surgery I will let you know! In the meantime you know where to find me.

In Dr McDreamy Grey’s Anatomy land.


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