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The doctor finally called. Didn’t hear what I was expecting to hear.

He said the records from my hysterectomy, back in 2009, show no scar tissue or no endromitriosis. Um, what? He basically made me feel like a complete lunatic. Ya, I totally made up nine years of infertility.  And this pain? Totally making that up too.  Oh ya. I also love not eating. It’s my new weight loss plan.

(Gee, a little sarcastic, are we?)

Anyway, based on that he said that he should be able to do the surgery laparoscopically, which is good, and we are thankful for that. Unfortunately he also said he wouldn’t be comfortable taking both ovaries, since there’s only the mass and proof of adhesions on one ovary. He knew I wasn’t happy about that and so he said we could talk more about it the day of surgery. Of course if he goes in and sees alot of damage I think he would change his mind.

So the surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. Tentatively. The nurse is supposed to be calling me tomorrow. Perhaps I was being a little unrealistic but I was hoping for surgery to be sooner. I guess another week of pain and being on pain killers won’t kill me. Hopefully. Ha!

Please join us in praying…

~For peace and strength to trust in God’s will and timing.

~That God would guide the doctor’s and nurse’s hands and that would have the knowledge they need to decide what is the best way to operate.

~That there would be no cancer.

~That the surgery could be done laparoscopically.  If not, that they would be able to remove the mass and scar tissue without any complications. Especially as far as my colon and bowel are concerned.

~For quick healing and recovery.

~For my babies, that they would understand why mommy is at the hospital and then in bed at home.

~For strength for Pat and for the rest of my family and friends who help us during this time.

I’m not sure if they’ll be able to rule out cancer immediately or if we have to wait for biopsies or such. But either way, Pat will update as soon as I’m out of surgery to let you know how things went.

Thank you so much for your prayers. They mean more than you’ll ever know!


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