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I’ve been hoping and praying the title of this post was going to be “benign”!  Even with the possibility of cancer being very small it’s still such a huge relief to know that the road of cancer is not God’s will for our life right now.

I want to say God is good and God is faithful. Because He is right?! But I don’t want to say it just because everything turned out so perfectly. Yesterday I was completely convinced that they were going to find cancer. I’m not sure why.  And even though I had that feeling, God provided the most amazing peace. I woke up at 4 am this morning and spent about an hour listening to worship songs, singing to Jesus and praying for His will and for the strength for whatever lie ahead.

And so I say God is good and God is faithful. Not because of anything that happened today. But solely because He IS good. And He IS faithful. In all things and in every circumstance.

Surprisingly I might even get to go home tonight. That’s what I’m pushing for, as long as I can use the facilities successfully (that was very tactful of me wasn’t it ;)), keep some food down and have the pain under control.

As far as the surgery went they were able to do it with a scope. He removed the mass and the left ovary but did not remove my right ovary. Some other time I’ll go into details regarding that decision. There was some scar tissue but not severe and so it turned out to be a very simple surgery.

My parents took the kiddos home with them today and then will bring them back Sunday. That will give me a couple good days to rest. Although I was a little sad that my kids were so anxious to leave me. They had been at home with mom and dad and on the way out of town stopped by the hospital to say goodbye.  Caleb took one step into the room, said, “Bye Mom. Bye Dad,” and was ready to be on his way!  If it wouldn’t have been so funny I think I would have cried!

I haven’t talked to the doctor yet about rest and restrictions but I should be feeling back to normal – well hopefully a good normal – in a week or so. Probably can’t lift the kids for a few weeks but my sister is coming for a few days next week and then Pat will take a few days off work.

I can’t begin to thank you for your prayers and encouragement during this whole ordeal. God has blessed us beyond measure and you are a part of that blessing. We thank you so much!


One thought on “Benign!

    vicki said:
    April 13, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    We do have an AWESOME GOD

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