ER conversations

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My husband is funny. Especially in stressful situations. I made sure to remember some funny things he said last week when I was in the ER. Ok, I realize most of these conversations are not in the least bit funny. Except to me and Pat. And I guess that’s ok.

I had starting crying again after they did an ultrasound and I was feeling very frustrated that I was a blubbering mess. Sure, I was in pain, but still, I was frustrated about it.

Me: Why do I cry so much?

Pat: Because you have ovaries.

More about crying…

Me: I look horrible.

Pat: No you don’t.

Me: Yes I do. My face looks like a mess.

Pat: Well, it could be worse right. (His standard line.)

Me: No, I don’t think it good.

Pat: Sure it could. You could have no face.


He had texted family and friends to pray and my brother had sent a text after awhile wanting an update…

Pat’s text: We’re still in the ER. There’s blood everywhere. (There obviously wasn’t.)

Tracy’s text: WHAT! Is she conscious?

Me: You need to make sure and tell the doctor I want him to take both ovaries.

Pat: I’ll just tell him we want to make some earrings and we can’t really do that with just one ovary.


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