The Easter bunny is a rock star

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I realize I’m a little behind, but as always, I still have to post about our holidays.

We had a nice, low-key Easter weekend.  Well I did anyway. Probably because I was on the couch most of the weekend.

We had originally planned to go visit my sister in Aberdeen, which is three hours north. But with all the health drama we figured it’d be better to just stay home. Saturday we didn’t really do much of anything. I think. I can’t really remember. I got my pain meds on Friday!

I almost wasn’t going to make it to church on Sunday but made myself swallow a pain pill and reminded myself that my parents were coming and then I could sleep!

Cookies before church! Yum!

We managed to take a few pictures after church. Unfortunately all I have is the camera on my phone but they didn’t turn out too bad.

Check out my husband. Well no, don’t check him out. But doesn’t he look amazing?! It’s not very often that I can get him in a suit and I didn’t even have to cry or plead this time. He’s just that amazing and knows it’s the little things that make his wife happy.

And my kiddos. They were naughty as EV. ER. at church but I could just eat them up, they’re so cute!

Angel took this one of me and Pat!

My sweeties looked so adorable in their Easter outfits. (Which I found really cheap at a consignment store. Ya!)

For Easter dinner we had talked about just going out to eat somewhere. But we couldn’t all agree on where to go. And so I volunteered that we could eat at our house. I don’t think I even asked my husband. He just stepped in and made pretty much everything by himself, without complaining. He’s a rock star. And a really good cook.

Not only is he a good cook and smoking hot in a suit, but he was the Easter bunny.  Although we don’t do the Easter bunny so he was more like Jesus.  Well, nevermind.

He went to the store on Saturday and picked out everything for the kids’ Jesus baskets.  He did so perfect. The kids have been talking to me about chocolate bunnies for weeks. I failed to mention this to Pat but guess what he came home with! That’s right. A huge chocolate bunny for each of them.  I asked him if the kids had said anything to him and they hadn’t. He’s just that amazing.

I put together a little scavenger hunt for them to find their baskets. Unfortunately the pictures we took didn’t really turn out so I won’t waste your time. But it was fun. The questions were Bible trivia and they took turns finding the clue before the last one led them to their Jesus baskets.

We were going to have dinner with Pat’s family Sunday night but I was feeling pretty crummy so we just stayed home in our jammies and ate way too much chocolate and jelly beans. And most of all we celebrated and remembered the reason we celebrate Easter. We are so thankful for our risen Savior and for His work in our life!


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