This is not where I belong

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Early Friday morning, about 4:00 am, I was wide awake. I wasn’t nervous or anxious for the surgery I was going to have in a few short hours. God had given me great peace. But I was really missing my hubby.

I sent a text to Pat that said, “Can you come asap? I need you.”

In all the commotion of going to the hospital, figuring out plans for watching the kids and just feeling awful for the past three weeks, I felt like I hadn’t had any time with him. Thirty minutes later my amazing husband walked into the room. We laid in that little hospital bed together and just held each other, trusting that God would see us through whatever the day would bring.

I opened my computer and we listened to these songs over and over.  Even as we were facing potentially life changing, very bad news, God is a God of peace and comfort, not fear. And He brought peace to us.

After awhile Pat said he had a song he wanted to play for me.

All I know is I’m not home yet. This is not where I belong. Take this world and give me Jesus. This is not where I belong. 

He said he’d been hearing it on the radio all week and even on the way to the hospital that morning. It was such a blessing to receive this encouragement from my hubby. His faith in God is so strong and he is always guiding us to focus on what’s really important. It would have been devastating to receive a diagnosis of cancer.  I can’t even imagine having to say goodbye to my husband, kids, family and friends. But even more devastating is to not know where I would be going after I leave this world. To not know that this is not my home.

I’m so thankful for Jesus, His love and forgiveness. And I’m so thankful for the real home I have in heaven. I may long for many more years with my family, but I also long for the day when I see Jesus face to face and spend an eternity with Him. This world is not my home.


2 thoughts on “This is not where I belong

    Vicki said:
    April 25, 2012 at 5:10 am

    thanks for sharing with everything in my life medical now i really needed that musical boost

    Sarah said:
    April 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    What a my absolute favorite songs right now! I always crank it!

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