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Yesterday was the first day in about 4-5 weeks that I’ve felt half way decent. It was great. I even felt a little motivated to clean my house. That is a miracle people. And then one of my amazing co-workers brought us supper and the most delicious dessert ever.

Unfortunately lately I’ve been eating alot of dessert. And I fell off the no soda wagon a few weeks ago. I’ve come to finally realize that my swollen stomach has nothing to do with my recent surgery. And it’s time to get serious. The frustrating and exhausting part of getting serious is having to start from scratch as far as exercise goes. I obviously won’t be running anytime soon but even walking I have to take it easy and slowly increase my miles. It will be a long road but hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks I can be running again.

On Monday the kids and I took a spontaneous trip to see my parents. We got home Wednesday afternoon and as I’m sure you know, it’s so good to be home. I’ll share lots of pictures with you tomorrow and more next week. I took alot of pictures.

And for your viewing pleasure, some random pictures from my phone.

Daddy and Caleb… “Aaahhhhhh.”

Angel driving Papa’s boat!


Angel on the boat. Yes. Yes that is a bunny in her lap. Stay tuned.

“I’m watching you.”

Nice. My son is choking his grandmother.

Guess who came to visit me in the hospital?! It’s Prince!

Me and my sister. We miss you Aunt Nellie!

Speaking of sister. She bought this tent for Caleb when she was here. He will sit in it all day to watch tv, read books or smear chap-stick all over his body. Ya know, kid stuff.

Angel at the park. Does she do a good head tilt or what!?

Let’s go fly a kite!

Me and hubs at Casting Crowns concert.


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