Of creatures big and small

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I already shared how last week we went to visit my parents for a few days. Alot of our time was spent with their Angel and Caleb’s horses Gracie (red) and Buck (blond).

The horses have a huge field behind my parent’s house they call their own, but they can come up pretty close to the house.  When we got there Monday afternoon they came to see what was going on. The kids spent a little time with Papa feeding them some grass.

Gracie sometimes gets jealous when my dad pays attention to anyone or anything other than herself. So I was there to make sure Gracie got lots of loving too!

After some time with the horses we were on our way back to the house when the kids found a baby rabbit in the driveway. We’re pretty sure my parent’s golden retriever Cobo was playing with it because it’s back to legs were paralyzed. My parents put it in a box for the kids. (Oh dear.) I almost caved. Oh yes I did. Almost. But thankfully my husband is sane and said absolutely not are we bringing a wild rabbit into our house.

For the longest time my mom and I have been trying to convince my dad to open up a petting zoo. The live in a little tourist town and during the summer we think it would be a huge hit with families passing through.  Unfortunately the first member of the petting zoo died shortly after we left town. Or at least that’s the story I heard.

We were planning to go on a horse ride on Tuesday but it was so hot. So we decided to wait and go riding on Wednesday morning before we left for home. Unfortunately Grama Susie wasn’t able to be with us as she had to work.

Papa and the kids – on the way to the horses. Dad had already put them in their pen.

Watching Papa. He got them all saddled up and then did a little running/training with them in the pen to help them remember who was boss. It had been awhile since they’d been ridden.

It’s so cool to watch him work the horses. He broke both of them himself pretty quickly and they have turned into the sweetest, most gentle horses. It’s also pretty funny because when dad says jump they say how high. He just has to whistle and they will literally come running.

Caleb on Buck. He was so brave and he had a blast!

My view.

Papa and Caleb on Buck.

Angel and Mommy on Gracie.

Me and my girl!

Angel didn’t like it as much as Caleb. She said it was too bumpy!

The view. So beautiful!

After our ride Dad took the horses back to the pen to take their saddles back. When he was done they came running back up to the house. Guess they had fun with my two wild things!


One thought on “Of creatures big and small

    Vickie Renken said:
    May 2, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Looks like an awesome place to take the kiddos for a couple days!

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