Rebound dog regret and other non news

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We’ve been dealing with rebound dog regret at our house lately.

Oh Joey. You’re such a cute rebound dog.

If only you’d stop barking, stop biting and start using the outside for your bathroom.

I actually posted an ad on Craig’s list to re-home him and had quite a few people interested. I, of course, was completely honest and said he barks all the time, bites my children’s ankles and pees in the house. (Or not.) I started to feel guilty though and figured that my husband and children would resent me for the rest of my life. So the daddy has agreed to enroll Joey in puppy class, he’s been walking him every morning and we will soon be making an appointment for Jo Jo to get snipped!  Hopefully all of that combined will make a big difference.

And seriously. No more rebound dogs!

~The kids went to Grama’s today around noon so that I could have some study time before work at 4:00 pm. I have just one paper left for my English class and then I have to take my final by midnight tomorrow night. Cutting it kinda close, huh? I’m really struggling with my paper so unfortunately I think it’ll be late night tomorrow.  Anyway, I took a little break before going to work and was sitting in my car. I didn’t have the radio on or anything and I heard a bird singing to me. Yes, I’m sure it was singing to me.

Can you see it?

That’s ok. I can’t see it either. But it was there. And it was such a pretty song and I told God I’m still mad at Him but thanks for loving me even when I’m mad and thanks for the birds and bird songs and beautiful days.

~When we were first married Pat would race remote control cars. They’ve been sitting in the garage for quite a few years but a few weeks ago he got them out again and he and the kids have been working on them. Caleb especially loves to help his daddy. It’s so cute. Last night Daddy got one running.

~Speaking of Daddy, for the past month or so he’s been consistently doing devotions with the kids at night. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of my hubby. And it just melts my heart to hear the kids and Daddy talk about God and the Bible.

~And in other non news, it’s never too hot for the kitty hat. HA!

~Bubba was sick last week. He had infantigo on his lip again, a fever and I think pink eye. Thankfully the doctor just called in a RX for us without having to go in and it cleared up pretty quick. But for one day, Caleb wanted to do nothing but cuddle with mama. As much as I hate it when my kiddos are sick, I love love love cuddle time.  Being three and four doesn’t usually equate to much cuddle time.

~A few weeks ago it was Cowboy Day at Angel’s school. She rocks the cowboy look, don’t ya think?!


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