A mother’s day then and now

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~Grandma Barb. Pat’s mom. Then.

Princess as a baby being held by Grama Barb. Love how Princess is looking at her daddy!

Now. Princess’s high school graduation three years ago.

We love you Grama Barb! I’m so thankful for you and your son! I’m also thankful for how much you love your grandbabies! You are such a good Grandma!

~My mom. Grandma Susie. Then.

With me and my sister. Based on the condition of this picture, you’ll probably agree that my mom was wonder woman trying to raise us four kids.

But then again, we look pretty sweet, don’t we!

Funny family picture #1. I asked Angel and Caleb who these people were and they didn’t know any of us!

Funny family picture #2.

Now. This picture was taken today!

And a few weeks ago – we are blessed beyond measure to have our mom!

My mom has made me who I am. She’ll be the first to tell you that our growing up was hard. But I think it also made us stronger. And to see her now and see how God has used her and continues to use her, well it’s just so awesome!  I’m so thankful that my kids get to know and love my mom!

~And I’m so thankful that I have been blessed with FIVE amazing kids! (In case you lost count: Prince, Princess, Prankster, Angel and Caleb!)

Princess. Then.

Thankfully I’ve matured a little and will not let my next 12-year-old drink beer. (HAHA)

Now. Love you so much Princess!

Angel. Then. This was one of the first days home with our Angel cakes.

Now. My baby girl is growing so fast!

(Some of these phone picture have really low resolution-sorry!)

Caleb. Then. Just a few minutes old!

Now. He’s changed just a bit, huh!

My babies!





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