The things they say and do

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We’ll tell Caleb to stop doing something. He’ll continue doing it. And as he’s continuing to do whatever he’s not supposed to be doing he’ll say, “Sorry mom. Sorry ’bout that.”

Lately in addition to saying “Sorry ’bout that,” right after he stops doing what he’s not supposed to be doing, he’ll tell us that now we have to say, “That’s ok.” Depending on the situation we’ll say it – like if it was an accident – but if he made a bad choice we’ll say, “Well it’s not ok, but I forgive you.” He doesn’t like that so much.

Angel told us about a dream she had:

“Estee (a friend) and Caleb were playing with me and then they fell down the stairs.  There were monsters downstairs with no heads and no arms and no hands. I thought they were going to eat Caleb but then I remembered they didn’t have heads! Isn’t that silly!”

The past few weeks Caleb has been saying to us, “Mama, smile!” We’ll smile at him and then he’ll smile back a huge smile. Of course his timing is always perfect and he says it when I’m being crabby. God is already using this boy to bring about such good in our lives!

Pat was talking to the kids about what he was going to make for supper.

Pat: What do you want for supper?

Caleb: Shells.

Pat: Sea? Peanut?

Caleb: Cooked shells.

Angel: NO!

Caleb: YA! Cheesy shells!

Angel: Caleb always wants shells. We always have mac-n-cheese!

Pat: Well, what would you like?

Angel: And he ALWAYS wants spaghetti!

Pat: What. Would. You. Like?

Angel: I don’t know. I don’t care.

HA! The apple doesn’t far fall from the tree, huh.

Speaking of apples, our devotion the other night was on God creating the world. Pat asked the kids what their favorite part of the world is. Angel said, “Apples!” Caleb said, “Not listening.” Hhmmm, not sure he understood the question!

A saying we have in our family is “hugs not slugs.” The other day Caleb was pretending to punch and Angel said, “Drugs not… um, no HUGS not slugs!”


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