Life lately as told by really bad pictures

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Have you ever read this blog? I think that should be the name of my blog. Or perhaps we should just invest in a decent camera. Or stop blogging maybe?  Ha, ya right!  Well for now you’re still stuck with blurry not smart phone pictures.

~I taught my kids to sew.

Well not really because I don’t really know how to sew. But we did have somewhat of a teaching lesson recently.

~Have you seen this video?

We came across it the other day and Caleb thought it was pretty cool. He started doing the actions too.

This is me looking creepy and Angel refusing to do the actions for the camera.

~Oh my word I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’m done with school! Yahoo! I ended up getting an A in English and a B in Anatomy. Going into the last exam I was so close to an A in Anatomy and then all the health drama started and I kinda just gave up. Grr. Oh well. I’m SO thankful that I decided to not take summer classes!

On the last day of school we went out for dessert to celebrate!

~His and hers movies. That, despite the fact that I sent this picture to Hubs, I didn’t get for Mother’s Day. Which I’m not complaining about. Just pointing out a fact.

Yes. Yes I do need to read this book again.

~Last week we organized a little play date for the moms and kids in Angel’s class. It was alot of fun to be able to let the kids play other than at school. Angel’s last day of school is tomorrow and she is really going to miss her friends. We are hoping to do at least a couple play dates during the summer though.

You can kinda see Angel – she’s back there!

~Angel and Caleb are doing such a good job riding their bikes! We have been taking them around our big block – which is about 2-3 blocks worth. So far Pat has always been along but today I ventured out on my own. They did really good. Except for the one corner that Angel took too sharp and wiped out. And Caleb was really tired and cranky (he’s been struggling with allergies) and so I pushed him most of the way. But it’s still super fun and seriously could they get any cuter?!

~This is kind of an old picture but I came across it on my phone. This was actually a few months ago I think when we were visiting my parents. The kids loved “helping” Papa clean the fish!

~Not even extreme exhaustion will cause him to let go of his beloved peanut butter and jelly!

~Princess was here! Her and her hubs have been visiting for a few days – you’ll hear more about that tomorrow! This is Caleb giving her a tackle hug!

~We’re so thankful for warm weather and mama feeling mostly better and looking forward to summer fun!


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