All that is awesome and then some

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The kids new favorite word is “awesome”. Everything is awesome to them.  And then when they start to get sad or mad or complain about something we’ve been trying to remind them of all the blessings in our life (all that awesome). Here are a few things that I think are awesome, aka, ways I’ve been blessed beyond measure!

~Angel’s fashion sense. She’s recently taken an interest in picking out her clothes. This was her ensemble a few days ago. Awesome.

~That same day we took the kids to Toys R Us to just look around. Talk about torture for the poor kids. But it was actually really fun. I took Angel and Pat took Caleb and we let them take as much time as they wanted going up and down the aisles.

Here’s my awesome girl looking at awesome stuff.

~A few weeks ago we visited The Butterfly House which now has a shark/stingray tank! Honestly it wasn’t as cool as I was expecting – you can only touch what they have in the little tank that floats in the big tank. But the kids thought it was awesome.

~My employer was offering tickets to our local baseball team one weekend and so Pat took the kids. I was going to go along but then ditched them at the last-minute. I had some serious browsing I needed to get done. I ended up walking through Big Lots for over two hours. Up and down every single aisle. It was awesome.

Unfortunately my poor husband was plumb wore out when I picked them up. But I did convince them to pose for a picture. Well at least Angel and Daddy did. Caleb was having a meltdown behind the scenes.

Pat said they had an awesome time. At least for the first inning. And then it was 14 trips to the bathroom and “when do we get to go home?” over and over. I think my kids have an awesome daddy!

~We are hoping to read a lot this summer. I think it’s awesome so see my kids reading next to each other. It’s especially awesome when they start “reading” the stories to each other.  Not so awesome when they start using their books as weapons.

~The other morning the kids and I made smoothies. We think smoothies are awesome! Our fridge was pretty bare on this particular day and so all we had for our smoothie was cherries, blueberries, spinach, yogurt, ice and a little milk.

~Smoothies in fancy glasses are extra awesome!  Although the kids didn’t think it tasted very awesome (even though it did!).

~Awesome is ice cream on a fire truck.  We had stopped for ice cream one night awhile back and as we were leaving the fire truck pulled in and all the firemen piled out! Pat pulled back in to the parking lot and went over. This nice fireman let the kids sit up in the truck! It was awesome!

~Awesome is ice cream in a fire truck!

~Awesome is going to the carnival with Papa, Grama, Princess and Prankster! And of course riding in the helicopter!

~The swords they got for pulling a duck out of the water? Not so awesome.

~Grass! Grass is awesome. This is our new awesome apartment. We’re on the ground level on the end (see the arrow). The kids and I drove by today and we have grass! We’re going to have a pretty large area outside our patio all to ourselves. We think it’s going to be awesome!

~My awesome blue-eyed Bubba.

~My awesome Angel Cakes – getting her hair and makeup done for her dance recital dress rehearsal. The actual recital is this weekend!

~Funny pictures are awesome.

~Most awesome of all…


2 thoughts on “All that is awesome and then some

    vickie renken said:
    May 31, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I loooovvve that song! You Missy and your family are awesome too. Do you have any idea yet when you will be moving? We would like to help and hopefully can get the kids to come from Minneapolis too.

      Missy responded:
      May 31, 2012 at 10:14 pm

      🙂 Yay for helpers! I think we are going to start June 15th but the “big” move will be July 7th. It’s probably not the best weekend with the holiday but it’s one of the few weekends I don’t work. We could also do it Friday, I think Pat is taking Thursday and Friday off of that week. We’ll keep you posted as it gets closer! And hey, I’m thinking Oliver and Tucker need a big brother, don’t you think. Specifically one named Ed! 🙂

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